How to spice up your Blogger posts with Cincopa widgets?

Looking for creative ways to make your blog stand out among the numerous blogs out there? Adding rich media widgets, such as slideshows, galleries, video players, podcast, music players etc. will surely make your blog posts shine in the stodgy crowd.

What can cincopa's Blogger widget do for you?

Cincopa application for blogger gadgets and the dedicated servers it uses are in charge of uploading, hosting, resizing, transcoding, tracking, transporting and skinning your media files. Nevertheless, you still get a full control over the content and the appearance of your media.

Cincopa widgets for Blogger

Cincopa specializes in rich media, stylized add-ons that are designed to draw attention, create interest and establish a better interaction with visitors. The Blogger gadgets are super easy to embed in your blog-posts and require no programming skills, whatsoever. Your only concern should be, making a decision regarding the media you wish to post, choosing a skin to suit your page and customize the Blogger widget according to your taste and needs.

The actual implementation of the Blogger widgets is done by embedding the HTML code, generated by Cincopa, wherever you want it to be displayed on your blog, or by clicking the, 'Add as a widget', button.

Why use Cincopa widget for blogger?

Cincopa has a great reputation for its reliable hosting solutions, content and media management tools, and extensive variety of products and add-ons. Cincopa widgets for Blogger include contemporary designed multimedia gadgets with multiple skins and wide customization options. One of the greatest things about Cincopa is that all those services, including personal support, advanced security systems and hosting, are totally free for individuals and small businesses. For greater needs, Cincopa offers pro upgrades in very reasonable prices.

Main Features

* Posting amazing videos, images, galleries, slideshows, music, podcast and different combinations of media, anywhere in your blog.
* Over 40 skin types in many different styles, including Flash, Cooliris 3D, Lightbox, full screen etc.
* Multiple customization options such as size, color, auto-player, transitions and many more.
* High scalability - keeps your images look their best, regardless of the device in use.
* Supports iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other mobile devices.
* Progressive download - allows high speed downloads with no annoying buffering and delays.
* Remote access
* Full control of your content - you decide whether you authorize users' downloads.
* Automatic conversions, compression and transcoding.
* Reliable host and delivery services - Amazon S3 web services.
* Media space is not restricted by your server's quota.
* Automatically download and post media from a URL.

Applying a Cincopa widget for Blogger allows you to captivate your readers' audience by creating a spectacular presentation with only one click of a button. Moreover, every modification or update you made by you in your media files, is automatically updated in your post.

Other blogging platforms, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Weebly, are supported by the service.

How it works?

* Choose one of our awesome skins.
* Upload your media to Cincopa.
* Get a simple code and embed on your blog or website.

4 Free Services for Reversed Image Search

You create blog post, and you found the images, helping you to illustrate the topic. Image is exactly what you need, however, it has low resolution and quality. There is an easy way to find the same image on the Web, and hopefully the resolution will be acceptable for your needs.

You can use one of the two services, allowing you load the image and search Internet for other locations, pointing at the same image.

1. Google Search by Image

Google service is the first destination you can go to perform the task. You can use a picture as your search to find related images from around the web. For example, if you search using a picture of your favorite band, you can find similar images, websites about the band, and sites that include the same picture.

Search by image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. So you’ll get more results for famous landmarks than you will for personal images like your latest family photo.

There are three operational options for your search:
* Option 1: Load an image from your computer.
* Option 2: Use an image from a website.
* Option 3: Right-click an image on a website (Chrome and Firefox)


You can search by image on the following browsers:
* Chrome 5+
* Internet Explorer 9+
* Safari 5+
* Firefox 4+

2. TinEye

TinEye is a reverse image search engine, similar to the Google service. You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions. It is free to use for non-commercial searching.

3. Macroglossa

MACROGLOSSA is a search engine based on the comparison of images. The operation is simple: Have you taken a picture of something you could not identify? Maybe you’re not sure what animal is contained in the image? In order to learn more about the content of your image, you can simply upload the image file to MACROGLOSSA and begin your search. 

4. ImageRaider

A new service, where you add your photo or image catalogue and get list of the websites, where these images are used. Site gives results of high quality, but the service is a bit slower than competitors.

As you understand, these services can be used for other practical tasks, for example, looking for the location by loaded picture, or checking out who is using your copyrighted images without your permission.

Keyword Bee - Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Bee is the new free keyword research tool that giving you the perfect opportunity to discover the most appropriate lucrative keywords for your projects, websites, and posts.

Using the free tool Keyword Bee you will be able to:
* Find related keywords that people actually search for!
* Analyze interesting keywords intensively!
* Be able to rank high for the right keywords!

Main Features:

* All-in-One View. See the most relevant information about each keyword in one single color-coded line. Tons of values per keyword are provided, such as search volume information, competition, and cpc.

* Top 5/10 Analysis. For each analyzed keyword you can see an in-depth analysis of the Top 10 pages on Google for that keyword. This information will help you decide whether to rank for the keyword or whether the competition is too strong. The PRO version allows you to analyze the Top 10, the free version will analyze the Top 5 only.

* Find Related Keywords. You don't have to come up with the best niche keywords by yourself, Keyword Bee will go out there and gather the sweetest keywords for you.

* Proxy Rotation Support. The data is gathered live from many sources. If you need to analyze many keywords at once, you can use proxies for faster retrieval. Check out this list of proxy services. This features is only available in the PRO version of Keyword Bee.

* Keyword Grouping. If you need to run analyses on many different keyword groups, you can keep track of them by assigning each keyword to a group.

* Keyword Filtering. After analyzing hundreds of keywords you will have a hard time to see what's going on. Use your custom filters to see only keywords that are likely to generate revenue for you.

* API Access. Keyword Bee gathers the latest information from paid APIs. The information from APIs is more precise and up-to-date. Since we have to pay API providers, this feature is only available in the PRO version.

* Export. If you already have a workflow and use Excel or other spreadsheet editors, you can simply export the data from Keyword Bee and import that into your own workflow tools.

Mobile Advertising Trends 2014

When you plan your advertising campaign, you should be aware that the target audience more and more accesses your website or blog through mobile electronic devices, like tablets and smart phones. No matter how big the screen is on the mobile device, it will definitely be smaller than on the workstation. Therefore, the approach to the site design might need to get changed, if you target more the mobile devices consumers.

Just to give you impression on how big the mobile market is and what are the statistical trends related to such marketing niche, please review the graph below.

The graph is prepared by Kenshoo, and the full infographics presentation on Global Search Advertising Trends – Q1 2014 for the US can be accessed through the link:

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