16 September 2008

What is Google PageRank?

One of the users of my Blog asked for clarification of what is meaning and importance of the Google (PageRank) for the blog and site popularity. There are online arguing among SEO specialists of how important the PR is for improving your site popularity and site indexing in Search Engines, however, everybody agree on the fact of the higher PR - better. Some Q & A on the topic:

What is Pagerank and how does it work?

PageRank is a system implemented by Google that measures a web page’s significance only taking into account the links and links related factors. The fundamentals are that each web page is giving votes to the links on that page and the power of the vote is established by the number of links pointing to the page that gives the vote. The votes are divided among the links on the page so the lesser number of links, the more share of the vote is given to each link.

How often does Google update their PR?

Google representatives, such as engineer Matt Cutts, have publicly indicated that the Toolbar PageRank is republished about once every 3 months, indicating that the Toolbar PageRank values are generally unreliable measurements of actual PageRank value for most periods of the year. However, PR is updated at Google daily (or close to daily). New links are factored into the equation and they are applied to a page’s PR. You just cannot see this PR until Google does its next public PR update.

What is the importance of the Google PageRank?

PageRank is important as it used by Google to determine the quality of a Web site. Having a high PageRank will result in faster and more successful search engine positioning. The basic requirements of a high PageRank are: Good Web Site Structure - Structuring your site in a simple and user-friendly fashion will add to your PageRank. The highest PageRank possible for good structure is PageRank 3. To rank higher than a 3, you need good quality links pointing to your site.

How to check Google PageRank for any Website?

While there are many free services and free programs, that are able to check PageRank for any Website, I would recommend using the new free service URLMetrix that is able to check any URL for multiple metrics like: Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, Technorati Rank, Google Indexed, Yahoo Indexed, Google Backlinks, Technorati Blog reactions and lots more.

To give a proper ending for the topic of discussion, I want to present nice lyrical song dedicated to PageRank for all current and prospective Webmasters:

PageRank Lyrical Song


  1. You can check your pagerank with Pageboss!


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