11 October 2008

Do you need chat room for your blog?

Most of bloggers do everything possible to bring new readers for the blog and keep their attention on their materials as much as possible. That involves making an interesting, striking, and professionally arranged content. You encourage your visitors to be more active by allowing commenting, arguing, or supporting your point of view. But, can you go further, enhancing even more reader’s participation? Yes, you can.

New web application, Firef.ly, allows all site visitors discuss instantly your content between themselves. A simple code, embedded in your site, allows people who are surfing through it to chat amongst themselves in real time. This will allow you to quickly know what people think of your posts and your blog as a whole, creating a simple and effective chatroom. For site owner, managing the chat client is easy and straightforward. Once you embed the code, a nice bar will appear in the lower right hand portion of your site. With it, you’ll be able to see how many people are on the site at any one time and how many of them are actually chatting.

Definitely, to enjoy the advantages of this interesting and free service, you need to have certain amount of visitors to your blog at place, otherwise, you might be the only one, who will be interesting in content discussion.

In case you were wondering on the unusual domain, .LY is the top level domain extension for Lybia.

To see the new service in action, check the video, showing users communication on TWIT TV site as an example:

Chat Room on your Blog

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