23 May 2010

Free Email Contact Forms for your Blog

Email Me Form is a free online form generator service that helps you create HTML forms for your website, with no programming required.

Within minutes, by using our easy to use form wizard you can design simple or complex forms that send you an email each time your visitors submit them. After creating the web form, you get a HTML code to paste in your website, and the form will be there and working!

  1. No Programming required! You select a form template, specify how many fields you want, field names, what type of data should be filled and our site creates the HTML code to copy and paste to your site!
  2. Works with any web hosting account. Your web hosting server does not need to be able to run scripts, the powerful server of the provider processes the form submission, sends you an email with the information and then redirect the visitor to your thank you web page, without the visitor knowing he left your web site. Because of this, the forms are working properly on any kind of web hosting account.
  3. Stop 100% Spam! You probably know already what a bad idea is to put the simple mailto: tag on the contact page. Email harvesting software will find and collect it (even if you are trying to trick it by replacing the @ with at or . with dot) adding it on spam lists. The contact forms contain a Captcha Image displaying letters and numbers which are difficult to be read by non humans, stopping 100% automated submissions.
  4. Tons of features to personalize your form. Manage easy all your HTML forms from your Control Panel, adding, editing and removing forms.

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