24 June 2010

Twitterlive - a better way to forward your blog posts to Twitter

If you are a blogger, and mini-blogger at Twitter at the same time, it is absolutely natural to feed your blog posts to your Twitter page or pages. While there are many free services, allowing to perform this task automatically, we would like to present on the most respected in the bloggers community – Twitterlive.

What is Twitterlive.net
Twitterlive.net is a web 2.0 service that lets you create a channel that automatically feeds your blog to twitter, track the clicks and collects real-time traffic data. Twitterlive.net launched in mid January 2010 and quickly became an alternative to the established services available, because in addition to feed your blog to all the social networks you have your own feed channel where you can post pictures, videos or simply an status update.

Why use twitterlive.net
If SEO is important to you, then that alone is a very good reason to use twitterlive.net over any other twitter feed services. Here is why; the title of the page of your feed channel will be the name of your feed; and this is very important because the page title weighs heavily in the algorithms of all the major search engines; therefore give your feed channel a meaningful name so people can easily find it during an Internet search. Remember that the title is the first and probably the only thing the searcher will look at in the search results.

In addition when you create a feed channel Twiterlive will import your twitter background and colors that will be used for your feed channel page. The image background you place on your twitter profile is your social media brand, so be creative and design something that will stand out.

Paused feed channels will not be visible by search engines.

Getting Started
  1. Sign up to Twitterlive by creating a new account or login with your OpenID.
  2. Add a new feed channel using the RSS URL from your site
  3. Watch the stats and track how many clicks your stories get
Here are some of the main features:
  • You can set the frequency you want Twtterlive to visit your site to fetch new feed items
  • You can set the interval you want the feed items to be published
  • Twitterlive has its own URL shortener service that collects real-time traffic data
  • You can have your own feed channel on Twitterlive
  • Your readers can visit your channel and easily search for previous posts

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