12 July 2011

How to Change WordPress Login Logo?

The post title reflects the question received from one of the blog readers. Since I am still active Blogger user, I am not so familiar with Wordpress tips and tricks. I have to admit that I even did not know myself that the logo can be changed. Actually, changing the logo appeared to be a simple and straightforward procedure.

Why it might be a good idea to perform this modification? The main advantage is ability to better brand your product. This is especially useful if you have multiple authors, or you require commenting visitors to sign in repeatedly from that page.

The instructions to perform the modification are posted on Quick Online Tips Blog. Follow instructions step-by-step to get the desired outcomes:
1. Modify your logo size to create a new image with following parameters:
  • .GIF image
  • Transparent background
  • Size – 310px wide, 70px height
  • Name - logo-login.gif
2. Check your WordPress login screen which would be located on the URL http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/, or if you host your WordPress in a folder, then it is at http://yoursite.com/folder/wp-admin/.
3. Login via FTP on your server and browse to the wp-admin/images folder.
4. Find logo-login.gif image and rename to easily recognizable name like logo-login-back.gif for backup purposes.
5. Upload your own logo image logo-login.gif to replace the original one.
6. Check your WordPress login screen and your logo is live.

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