02 August 2012

Creative Blogging with Jux

Jux is one of the new players on the free blogging marketing niche. It is characterized as a highly innovative content sharing online service. It is not a conventional blogging platform like Blogger, rather it is an advanced microblogging service, while offering multiple features, available on the conventional blogging platforms.

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By default, Jux templates don’t have the native sidebars and other widgets that are common to most blogs. Instead, Jux provides a clean and visually appealing approach to blogging. Simply create an account, and then start sharing your content.

Jux has excellent support for mobile devices, and is most suitable for the bloggers who lean more towards visual content, such as photos and artwork.

One of the best things about using Jux is that at this point it’s not only completely free to use, but also completely void of advertising. This truly allows the personality of a Juxer (the name developers are using for publishers) to shine through in the content of their blogs. These are huge benefits that the product has over competitors that either require integrated ads or payment to fully utilize their product.

Jux is extremely easy to use, already has a creative and engaged community behind it, and has the backing of a talented and dedicated development team. For anyone seeking to showcase their material in a streamlined, ad-free, easily navigable environment, Jux publishing platform is highly recommended.

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Visit, explore, and sign up: https://jux.com/

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