24 June 2010

Twitterlive - a better way to forward your blog posts to Twitter

If you are a blogger, and mini-blogger at Twitter at the same time, it is absolutely natural to feed your blog posts to your Twitter page or pages. While there are many free services, allowing to perform this task automatically, we would like to present on the most respected in the bloggers community – Twitterlive.

What is Twitterlive.net
Twitterlive.net is a web 2.0 service that lets you create a channel that automatically feeds your blog to twitter, track the clicks and collects real-time traffic data. Twitterlive.net launched in mid January 2010 and quickly became an alternative to the established services available, because in addition to feed your blog to all the social networks you have your own feed channel where you can post pictures, videos or simply an status update.

Why use twitterlive.net
If SEO is important to you, then that alone is a very good reason to use twitterlive.net over any other twitter feed services. Here is why; the title of the page of your feed channel will be the name of your feed; and this is very important because the page title weighs heavily in the algorithms of all the major search engines; therefore give your feed channel a meaningful name so people can easily find it during an Internet search. Remember that the title is the first and probably the only thing the searcher will look at in the search results.

In addition when you create a feed channel Twiterlive will import your twitter background and colors that will be used for your feed channel page. The image background you place on your twitter profile is your social media brand, so be creative and design something that will stand out.

Paused feed channels will not be visible by search engines.

Getting Started
  1. Sign up to Twitterlive by creating a new account or login with your OpenID.
  2. Add a new feed channel using the RSS URL from your site
  3. Watch the stats and track how many clicks your stories get
Here are some of the main features:
  • You can set the frequency you want Twtterlive to visit your site to fetch new feed items
  • You can set the interval you want the feed items to be published
  • Twitterlive has its own URL shortener service that collects real-time traffic data
  • You can have your own feed channel on Twitterlive
  • Your readers can visit your channel and easily search for previous posts

13 June 2010

Let readers search your blog, bookmarks, blogroll...

You’ve likely spent a lot of time writing blog posts, creating the perfect blogroll, bookmarking sites you like, and posting photos and videos. That makes for a lot of YOU online – a collective reflection of your personality, interests, network, and expertise. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for others to benefit from all of that goodness…or is there?

Lijit allows you to easily create your own search engine, which searches your blog, blogroll, bookmarks, photos, and more. By offering the Lijit Search widget on your blog, readers can search all of YOU and receive amazingly relevant results. In turn, Lijit gives you detailed statistics about the searches performed, such that you can better understand and serve your reader community.

Why Use Lijit ?

Expose More of Your Content
  • Results from all of your blog, social-media and rich-media content sources
  • Social network integration to pull results from your blog roll and network
  • Installs in minutes on all major blog platforms such as Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and more.
Earn Revenue
  • Display and search-generated advertising
  • Simple to install sidebar and banner ad tags.
  • Lijit pays you for every impression and click generated by the campaigns
Powerful Stats
  • Powerful reader, search and site exposure statistics
  • Optimize under-performing content searched for yet not found on your site
  • Review display and search ad stats from click-through rate to impressions served.

03 June 2010

Leafletter – Interactive Mini Website with Rich Content

Leafletter is a web based tool, making it possible for any user with no relation to the web publishing experience to create easily a great-looking micro-website out of any text, images, or video clips, you may want to utilize. The resulting visual mini image portfolio is completely navigable and can be embedded into any web or blog page effortlessly.

A Leaflet can contain one or more pages. Each page can be a single video or present a combination of up to 20 various pieces of media and notes ("Blocks"). Each Block displays a preview of the media and, when clicked, presents the complete media.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The same Leaflet can be used as a stand-alone mini-site with unique URL address, or can be published to an unlimited number of blogs, web sites, social networks, and even desktops. The Statistics panel will tell you about new locations, views, and interactions with your Leaflet. Updating a Leaflet immediately updates it across all locations. Using the Share tab, you can publish a Leaflet to dozens of preset locations with one click, and to any other location by copying and pasting the Embed Code to that location or platform.

The following media files are supported in the Leafletter Blocks: Uploaded Image, Remote Image, Uploaded MP3, Remote MP3, Uploaded Video, YouTube Video, and Note (Rich Text including Hyperlinks).

Unfortunately, Leafletter is not currently accepting new sign ups. If you would like to be notified when this changes, please send an email to qa@leafletter.com to be placed on the waiting list. 


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