17 March 2013

FlagFox – Firefox add-on for easier website investigation

Flagfox is an add-on for Firefox that will show the country the websites you visit are hosted in.

If while browsing the net you feel the curiosity of knowing where each website you visit is hosted, Flagfox is the Firefox extension you want. With a simple look, you will know if the web is hosted in USA, China or your own country. It doesn't matter where it is, this extension will quickly tell you.

Flagfox doesn't use a web service to work, it incorporates an IP database, that allows it instantly to identify the location of the web server. To indicate the country, Flagfox doesn't take into account the domain, because the web could be using a domain different to the web servers real global position.

This extension can be very handy if we work in website optimization, or if we want to know the legal jurisdiction of a server, but more importantly the possibility to use it as a security element, because many webs try to supplant other ones indicating that they are in countries that they aren't really in. It is highly unlikely that a German bank will have is website hosted in China.

Besides displaying a country flag depicting the location of the current website's server, add-on allows a multitude of additional tools such as:

* Site safety and malware checks
* Finding similar sites and reviews
* Automatic translation to your language
* SEO and web development research
* Diagnostics like pings and traceroutes
* Whois and DNS information
* Page code validation
* Quick URL shortening
* Copying a server's IP address or other info
* or you can create your own custom actions!


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