25 January 2015

SETT – Community Based Blogging Platform Help to get you More Visitors

SETT is a new, community-focused blogging platform that promises engagement. Similar in style to Medium and Svbtle, it claims it can help writers get 98 percent more comments — on average — and a lot more attention, just based on its community of users.

So, SETT is a blogging platform that is looking to emphasize community, so that new users can find a right audience immediately and long-time bloggers can interact with higher-quality commenters and contributors.

Aside from features that are now standard these days like a news feed of content and WYSIWYG editing, SETT has a top bar where it is easy for bloggers to track comments or even private messages from others in the SETT community.

From the start, when new users sign up for an account, SETT refers readers to your site. It has a word-matching system internally that compares posts to one another. If a reader happens to like a post about one topic, the platform will recommend other similar ones to them. Therefore, through Sett's InstantAudience, your posts will be exposed to readers even before you get your first subscriber.

There are other features meant to enhance a reader’s relationship with a blogger like a simple, one-click e-mail subscription system. Subscribers are notified of new posts and new comments on posts they have decided to individually follow. MailGenius is Sett's integrated email system. With just one click, readers can subscribe to your blog via email. They also get replies to their posts emailed to them and can subscribe to individual posts. Each email has links at the bottom to automatically log in, reply, and upvote your post, making it effortless for your readers to interact with you and your content.

Sett's editor is lightning fast, gets out of your way, and allows you to insert pictures just by dragging and dropping. Resizing them is even easier. Want to insert a Youtube video or media from one of the other 250 sites they support? Just paste in the address and Sett handles the details for you.

Even posting is easier on Sett. Post immediately, schedule a post, or add a post to the AutoQueue, which will post automatically for you on a schedule.

Readers can also start their own independent discussions about posts in a community section, where they can see, who is online and which posts are being actively read by many users.

There are four pricing levels for SETT, from free to $99/month.

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07 January 2015

How to Embed Calendar on your Blog in 3 Steps?

For bloggers who disclose the list of future events to the visitors (with proper description, or without), this free service may allow to embed easily any calendar to the blog or website. There are multiple useful features, which will allow readers to perform manipulations with data provided in such format, making your site even more valuable for them.

What is InstantCal?

InstantCal is a web-based service for displaying internet calendars on web sites. InstantCal may be used to embed any existing calendar into a web site. It is easy to use and its format, color scheme, visual effects may be customized.

Note that InstantCal only displays existing calendars. It cannot be used to create or manage calendars or to add calendar events. If you need an internet calendar, you may wish to use a search engine to find an internet calendar service.

What can I do with InstantCal?

InstantCal may be used to display, promote, and share all kinds of calendar information with web site visitors. It can display calendars in many forms, formats, colors, and visual effects. InstantCal also has a number of interactive features, providing an element of 'stickiness' to your website.
What are some of the interactive features of InstantCal?

Some of the interactive features of InstantCal are:
* showing event location maps and weather conditions
* sending notification messages when events are added, changed, or cancelled
* sending upcoming event reminders
* subscribing to RSS feeds
* printing calendars and events
* saving calendars and events to files
* exporting events to external calendars

What format of calendar data can I use?

The calendar data formats currently supported are: iCal, RSS, Webcal, and Twitter (JSON).

How much does it cost?

InstantCal is free for low volume use both commercially and non-commercially.


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