19 December 2015

MyPost – Convenient and fast one-page site creation

There are occasional situations when you do not need a full-featured website, with numerous pages, posts, and links. You need just a place for posting the targeted shareable content, which can be created fast and easy, with no time and financial spending. For example, posting your resume, or posting the birthday invitation flier, or posting the backpacking trip plan…

MyPost offers you an instant opportunity to create beautiful web pages in minutes. Whether you know how to code or do not know how to code at all, MyPost is for you. The combination of HTML, BBCode, and various font icons will allow you to write professional and personal posts in no time. No experience necessary!

Love your post and want to add more later on? Go back and add more! Want to edit or modify? No problem as it is always available just for you, protected with the password you created. Want it gone? Delete it!

Main Features:
* No registration
* No signup
* No account
* No user profile
* No hassle
* Create blog posts in minutes!
* Customize blog posts in minutes!
* Create a web page with your content in minutes!

There is really no limitation to what you can do!

If you want to personalize your post and add more to it, click on the Show Advanced Options more customization! Customization allows you to change:
* Headline Font, Size, Color
* Content Font, Size, Color
* Background Color
* Scroll To Top Color
* Comments
* Comment Colors
* Custom CSS
* And more!

08 December 2015

MindSky - an open workspace for your creative ideas

It is not easy to describe what MindSky is about - not because it offers technically challenging solution, but because it offers versatile and creative platform for your daily cognitive and social presence operations both on Desktop and Mobile platforms.

MindSky mind become for you the most convenient space and framework for all your notes and ideas. It allows you to organize your thoughts in absolutely unique way. It is simple, user-friendly design and interface allows you to spend time on creating, storing, and sharing the content most efficiently.

What you can do:
* Write notes. Some people call it a multidimensional notepad from the future, as notes are not just rich-text type, but also audio-notes.
* Quickly publish your notes as a fully customizable website or blog with the same ease as internal note taking.
* Create lists.
* Save, highlight, discuss, and share articles.
* Make drawings.
* Apply Geo-tagging: attach a location and find on the map.
* Set reminders.
* Instant synchronization Web and Mobile versions

It is nice, fast, and easy. And it is free.

19 November 2015

Simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network for artistic people

Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. Originally, it was built as a private social network, but later it was converted to the public network due to the overwhelming demand.

Ello is a community of creators, thinkers, and dreamers sharing inspiration through images and stories.

Ello is not about who you are with or where you are going. Ello feeds your imagination and reminds you to let yourself wander. It is a visually driven network where you will find things you can’t find anywhere else.

Ad-free forever, your posts live in a safe and beautiful space that is easy to use, and with a host of features that amplify your creativity.

Ello is a new space where you connect with new people and things beyond your current social circles. It is a friendly community that welcomes everyone— from professional artists and creators to bloggers, curators, and everyday dreamers. If you live to be inspired or inspire others, Ello is for you.

Publish full-screen images, video, audio, GIFs, and long form writing in a simple and clean environment that brings out the best in creative work. Share what you care about most. Let inspiration be your guide.

To assure that Ello always remains ad-free, Ello converted to a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). A Benefit Corporation is a new kind of for-profit company in the USA that exists to produce a benefit for society as a whole — not just to make money for its investors.

The Ello PBC charter states in the strongest legal terms possible that:
1) Ello shall never make money from selling ads;
2) Ello shall never make money from selling user data; and
3) In the event that Ello is ever sold, the new owners will have to comply by these terms.

In other words, Ello exists for your benefit, and will never show ads or sell user data.

28 October 2015

Retroshare – Secure Data Transfer – Connect with Friends and Family with Ease

Retroshare creates encrypted connections to your friends. Nobody can spy on you. Retroshare is completely decentralized. This means there are no central servers. It is entirely Open-Source and free. There are no costs, no ads and no Terms of Service.

Main Features

* Chat
Send text and images. Discuss with various people in chat rooms. Express your emotions with the rich smiley set. Use distant chat to chat securely with friends-of-friends.

* Voice and Video
Make free and secure calls with the VoIP plugin. Catch up face to face with a video call.

* Mail
Send encrypted messages to other members of the network. Retroshare can store encrypted messages on friends nodes to deliver messages while you're offline.

* File sharing
Share files with your friends or with the whole network. Use the search to find files. Retroshare uses swarming similar to BitTorrent, to accelerate the download. This makes it possible to share big files with 1GB or more. Your privacy is protected with anonymous tunnels. Only your direct friends might learn which files you download.

* Forums
You can read and write forum posts offline. This is perfect while you are on the go. When you have an Internet connection, Retroshare will automatically synchronize forums with your friends. Decentralized forums are censorship resistant by design.

* Posted
Share your favorite links. See which links others like. Vote and discuss links.

* Channels
Publish files in channels. Subscribe to channels and automatically download the latest files. Comment on files and spread them to your friends.

* Hide with Tor
Need to hide from Internet surveillance? Can't connect to your friends because of censorship? Use Retroshare over Tor to hide the connection between you and your friends.

How does it work?

Retroshare is a network of computers. These computers we call nodes and every user has its own node. Neighbors only know the exact location (the IP-address) of nodes. You invite someone to become a neighbor by sending your public key.

Forums use pseudonymous nicknames to identify people. The nickname system uses cryptographic keys to verify messages come from specific authors. The nickname information travels wherever the forum post goes.

If you send a message to a user, the system delivers it to his node by searching for a route by forwarding it via a chain of neighboring nodes. If you want a certain file, your node asks your neighbors and they in turn request it from their neighbors.

16 October 2015

Tawk.to - The Best Way to Communicate with your Website Visitors

Tawk.to is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. No catch. No spam. No wares. It is truly free and always will be.

All the premium features you would expect, just without the price tag! There is no 'premium' version, just one version for everyone, with nothing to pay. Ever.

Main features:

1. Custom Widget
Modify the Size, Colors, Position and Content of the visitor widget to suit your website. You can even customize the widget to suit your language!

2. Chat History
View a complete history of every chat you and your team have had. Your transcripts are stored indefinitely and you can delete them at any time.

3. Automated Triggers
Triggers allow you to set automated messages based on multiple conditions, like time, visiting a specific page, or performing a certain action etc.

4. Shortcuts
Save time by answering frequently asked visitor questions with shortcuts. Shortcuts are a major time saver, and they allow you to share recommended messages or answers with new members of your team. e.g. Instead of typing "Hello, welcome to our website, how can we help?" you could create a shortcut that is simply /hello

5. Multiple Agents
tawk.to is an agent centric application, as opposed to company centric. What this means, is that every agent is an administrator of their own account and can be invited to share multiple different 'sites' or 'pages'. You can add an unlimited number of agents!

6. Aliases
You can have multiple aliases, so you can answer each chat with whichever name you like. Each alias can also have its own profile picture, work title etc.

7. Custom Pages
If you do not have a website you can create custom Pages (e.g.: tawk.to/YourBrand), share the link and then start accepting chats instantly. You can create as many Pages as you like!

8. Visitor Monitoring
Track and monitor the visitors on your website in real time, watch as they navigate from page to page within your site. Gain key insights in to visitor behavior, and track their geographic location, return visits and much, much more.

26 September 2015

How to Embed your Facebook Page Events into your Blog?

Have you ever wanted to display and syndicate Facebook Events on your website or blog?

The free Facebook Events Plugin does just that! Easily generate customized widgets for usage on HTML-supporting websites.

Fill the widget configuration details, and in couple of minutes, you will get ready to embed widget to your blog or website.

Service is free and does not require registration.

12 September 2015

SEO Camel – Free SEO Analysis for your Website or Blog

SEO Camel makes a complete analysis of the search engine optimization on your, or on your competitors, websites.

Here are just a few of the key features that make the service offerings very attractive, especially given that the services are free, and no registration is required to enjoy the benefits:
* Camel Score: SEO camel has a system that gives you an overall SEO score for any website, which is a good first indication.
* Keyword analysis: A deep analysis of the keywords on your website, and how well website is optimized for certain keywords.
* Long tail. Most SEO tools do an analysis of your root domain. SEO camel creates reports for your subpages as well.
* Link juice check. Analysis of the links on your website.

27 August 2015

MyImgur – One of the Best Freeware Imgur Uploaders

I probably do not need to explain to the readers of this blog, what is Imgur, but in case you have not heard about this service, I would definitely recommend exploring and using it for your purposes. It is the free image hosting service, which was originally designed as a gift to the online community of Reddit, but very rapidly outgrow its initial purpose, becoming one of the most popular image hosting services on the Web.

I am using it for Reddit, Blogger, and some other purposes, it is fast, reliable, free, and does not suck, as was promised by Alan Schaaf, project developer, in 2009, at its birth (I mean Imgur, not Alan J).

Today, I would like to present not the Imgur service per se, but the free tool, which helps you to use it better, faster, more efficiently.

MyImgur is very handy capture and uploader tool for Windows. Intuitive 1-click actions and simple settings to very quickly capture areas of your screen or specific windows and send them to Imgur for sharing, or select a few files from your computer and drag them to Imgur to have them sent in a batch without any further actions. It is also the -only- desktop application with full Imgur account support.

Main features:

* Full Imgur account support (upload to selected album, create/delete albums, delete all albums pics, favorite last upload etc)
* Formats supported: Jpg, Bmp, Png, Gif
* Context-menu shell extension for right-click on pictures > Send to Imgur (x86/x64)
* Batch uploads, drop all your pics in the window and they’ll be automatically queued
* Smart settings to automatically adjust picture quality or size for faster uploads
* Crop live areas of the screen
* High quality PNG captures
* Capture DirectX surfaces
* Select specific windows to capture through Aero Thumbnails
* Paste images from clipboard
* G15/510 Logitech keyboard LCD applet
* Hot-keys support for all features
* Supports all multiple monitor span configurations
* Keep a log of all your uploads, including online delete URL
* Select between only capture (and store in disk), only upload, capture&upload, only capture to clipboard
* Copy last image to clipboard
* Native win32 code, does NOT need .net framework
* 32 and 64-bit versions
* Portable version available

27 July 2015

Instant Online Generator for Websites’ Legal Agreements

You are doing your best to make your Website as professionally looking as you can. Thus, you may need to incorporate several legal agreements, which are appropriate for your site, business, and conditions of your operations. But finding and adopting legal documents for your site might be complicated and might require certain expertise.

Well, look for assistance no more! TermsFeed allows you to create the legal agreements easily and online. No software is required. It is fast, it is professional, and it is free.

You can download the agreements instantly in HTML or as simple, unformatted text.

Create custom agreements that can be legally binding for your users: Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Terms of Service or Return and Refund Policies.

To get started, select what agreement you need:

So, use TermsFeed to simplify your life and save time on legal framework development in favor of the content preparation.

14 July 2015

Create awesome mobile-friendly websites with MobiRise

MobiRise Website Builder creates fast, dynamic, highly responsive mobile-friendly websites in a few clicks. The operation is easy and fast, through drag-and-drop approach. The program allows you to create and customize the main index page, then anchor secondary links to it.

The process of creating websites is very clear and visual, by dragging and dropping the required content blocks in the operational workspace. Mobirise offers several types of content blocks, including text, images, features, pricing tables, headers, menus or footers. You may add your own background images, custom text and anchor URLs to any other external website. Additionally, you can link a specific button to an email address or a preset anchor on the same page. You can click the 'Plus' button in the lower right corner of the window to prompt the menu and select the blocks. Similarly, you may click on the option buttons at the top of each page and reveal the settings panel, individualized for each type of block.

Experts define Bootstrap 3 as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks, and Mobirise has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.

The program's minimalistic interface allows you to preview your work in real time, as well as to configure automatically it for various types of screens. You may thus optimize your website for display on desktop, on tablets or mobile devices. The website building process is entirely visual, the program does not include a script editing console. Editing pages and content made easy.

Mobirise allows you to export the websites you create to the desktop, as an HTML file and the afferent JavaScript assets. Alternatively, you can upload your project to a specified FTP location, or your Google Drive, in the selected folder. Each page can be optimized for desktop or mobile screen with one mouse click. Fully customizable Resize, reorder and hide elements to make your mobile view perfect - without changing the appearance of your desktop site.

02 July 2015

How to get the best response from posting on Facebook?

When you post on your personal Facebook account, you would like your post to get visible and appreciated by your friends. However, if you use the social media in general, and Facebook, in particular, for your marketing or other business purposes, getting the best exposure becomes essential.

So, what are the best and worst times to post social media updates? And what are the best and worst days to post your social media updates?

Posting your social media updates at the best times is the key to improving your presence on any social network. All social media are not the same. Each social network has different kinds of users and their daily activities vary. They use these networks at various times and days to engage with the updates published. To attain maximum engagement on your accounts, you need to find out what the best and worst times to post your social media updates are, and then schedule your posts accordingly. You also need to figure out the best and worst days to publish your social media updates.

An iconographic below offers you a simple view of the best times and days to publish your social media updates in order for them to receive the highest exposure on the following networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr.

And here is the latest research update…

A new study, conducted by Klout, a website that measures reach and influence on social media, analyzed more than 25 million Facebook posts, as well as over 100 million reactions to them. What they found is that posting things at certain times of the day (late morning and early afternoons) and on certain days of the week (Tuesdays and Wednesday, most notable) indeed tends to coerce more engagement from friends. The ideal time, however, does change slightly depending on where you live.

In New York, for instance, the ideal time to share things is just before noon. Thereafter, engagement falls consistently until it reaches its lowest point at about 3am. In San Francisco the optimal time to post things is a bit early (between 9am and 10am); in London, early afternoon is best; in Paris, there's a peak in the morning, and then again in the afternoon; and in Tokyo, early morning (between 7am and 9am) is ideal, but the fallout thereafter is much less severe. The Japanese, it seems, are happy to like, share, and comment on posts well into the night.

The chart below, plucked from Klout's study, shows how the probability that someone will react to any given post (likes, shares, or comments on it) changes throughout the day and week. San Francisco is the red line, New York City is the dotted green line, London the dotted blue one, Paris the dotted purple one, and Tokyo is the dotted aqua one. The peak probability of getting a like, share, or comment in response to a post is about the same in each city (the zero value for each line is marked by the straight line of the same color beneath it), so disregard the differences in height. Instead, notice how consistently engagement ebbs and flows throughout the week.

The trends, though they vary a bit by city, follow a similar pattern. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Facebook posts are the most likely to get reactions. On Thursday, friends are a bit shier with their likes, shares, and comments. On Friday, they are quieter still. And on the weekend they are the quietest. Monday, it seems, is something of an adjust period, when people are working their way back into both the week and their Facebook feeds.

Why the reaction to posting things at night tends to be more muted is both a result of something obvious—fewer people are online—and something that is perhaps a bit less well known. Most likes, shares and comments come only a short time after someone posts something. A majority, in fact, "occur within the first 2 hours of posting times," the researchers note.

While that estimate includes Twitter, where the delay is even shorter on average (largely because people are more willing to scroll through older Facebook posts than older tweets that appear on their feed), it should be a pretty telling sign for anyone debating whether to share something before going to sleep or after waking up.

If you want as many people as possible to engage with your deep thoughts, clever quips, or hilarious memes, be patient, be calculated, and try to share them during the week, in the morning or early afternoon. Unless, of course, you live in Tokyo, where there is less of a work-life Facebook balance. In that case, maybe just do not post things when everyone else is asleep.

Sources and Additional Information:

22 June 2015

DoodleKit – Free Website Builder for Small Businesses

DoodleKit is the full package – a WYSIWYG editor, CMS builder, publisher and host for your website. If you are a beginner, you can have your own website in a matter of hours without any coding and extensive artistic efforts.

The proposed solution can be a good choice for startups and small businesses. Built-in Google, Yahoo, and Bing website SEO ranking tools are included in the package.

Doodlekit Features - Everything You Need To Build The Perfect Website:

W3C Valid XHTML & CSS Layouts

All Doodlekit layouts are created with W3C valid XHTML & CSS.
W3C validation is the process of checking your web documents against a formal standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. Websites that meet these validations are less likely to have problems and errors.

Build A Website That Works In All Browsers

Doodlekit has been developed and tested to work with 95% of all browsers worldwide. Doodlekit allows you to build a website that works consistently with these browsers:

* Internet Explorer 6+
* Firefox 1.5+
* Opera 9+
* Safari 3+

Multiple Language & International Settings

Doodlekit allows you to build a website in any language you want. International settings let you:

* Change what language your website's labels are displayed in
* Pick what format you want for dates & timestamps
* Set your timezone
* Select currency for your e-commerce

Interchangeable Layouts & Designs

Doodlekit has multiple website layouts, which are fully customizable. Build a website using:

* Multiple color themes
* Multiple background patterns
* Thousands of stock photos & images that can be used for your website header.

You can change your design as much or as often as you had like, all without affecting your content. New layouts and color themes are added regularly.

Stock Photo & Image Repository

Inserting images into your website to illustrate your content is essential, but personal snapshots usually do not offer the same professional look, feel, and quality as a stock image. Doodlekit has a searchable repository of professional photos and images to help you build a website.

* Select photos and images to use in your website’s header.
* Sprinkle stock photos and images throughout your website content.
* New photos and images are added regularly.

Shopping Cart - Build an eCommerce Website

Generate revenue by selling your products directly from your Doodlekit website. You just need a PayPal or Google Checkout account. Income from purchases is sent directly to you. PayPal/Google emails invoice and receipt information to you and your customers.

* Users can purchase items from your website using any major credit card.
* Build a website with multiple shops
* Add products with extra options (such as color or size).

Dynamic Form Builder Tool

Make your own forms to gather customer information or feedback. Build a website to collect newsletter subscription requests, information for estimates on services, or even RSVPs for your next party.

* Form submittals will be emailed to you.
* Form data can be posted back onto the website for all users to view (ex: RSVP forms).
* All form responses can be downloaded in spreadsheet format at any time.

File Uploading & Downloading

Upload files that you want others to be able to download. Perfect for resumes, user manuals, reports, newsletters, or other printable material. Common file types allowed for uploading include:

* Word documents
* Spreadsheets
* PowerPoint presentations
* Adobe PDF files
* Text files
* Image files

Google AdSense / Advertising Tool

Build a website that generates extra revenue using the built-in advertising tool.

* Simply enter your Google AdSense Client ID and revenue-generating ads automatically appear in your website.
* Show or hide ads in different places on your website.
* Use advertising modules from other companies besides Google. Just paste their ad code into specified text areas.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Doodlekit allows you to build a website that is optimized to the max for search engines. SEO features include:

* Keyword and description Meta data entry.
* Built-in site map.
* Blog for consistent website updating.
* Alternative and description text entry for inserted images.
* Page titles used in URL creation.
* More…

Website Usage Statistics

Monitor your website usage with the website usage statistics, which gives you information about:

* Number of hits & visitors to your website.
* What pages people visit on your website.
* Websites that post links to your website.
* Words searched on to find your website.
* IP address of each visitor.
* Browsers used to access your website.

Create, Edit, Re-Order, and Delete Pages & Sub-Pages

Build website pages and content on the spot

* Add, edit and remove pages as needed.
* Create sub-pages.
* Re-order and re-name your pages.
* Hide pages.
* Create secure pages viewable only by selected users.

Advanced Page Editor - Makes Building a Website Easy

The advanced page editor allows you to:

* Create two or more column layouts
* Change text size, color, and formatting
* Add images, hyperlinks, tables, and lists
* Spell check your content
* View, edit and validate your XHTML code
* WYSIWYG content editing

Website Domain Names

Build a website that has its own domain (URL). For example: http://www.mywebsite.com.

* Register any available domain name for your website.
* Redirect an already purchased domain to your Doodlekit website.

Build a Website with Uploaded Photos & Images

Doodlekit photo albums provide you with the ability to upload and organize your photos.

* Build a website with multiple albums.
* Reorder photos & images inside albums.
* Add text descriptions to photos & images.
* Add word tags for filtering photos & images via the search tool.
* Let others upload images to your website.
* Hide albums from unregistered users.

Bulk Photo & Image Uploader

The Doodlekit bulk uploader allows you upload multiple photos simultaneously instead of one at a time.

* Drag & drop images directly into the bulk uploader from your computer.
* Rotate images.
* Add names and descriptions for multiple photos in one step.


A Blog allows you to build a website that keeps up to date with the latest news and events.

* Allow others to comment about your posts.
* Lock comments on a blog post.
* Add word tags for categorizing blog posts.
* Blog sidebar boxes show the latest blog posts and comments.

Full Website Searching

Search your website’s content for specific words.

* Search results are grouped by section. For example, Page, Blog, Forums, Photos, etc.
* Links in search results take you to the searched word(s) location.

RSS Feeds

Build a website that allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds that notify them when changes or updates have been made. RSS feeds are available for:

* Blog Posts
* Blog Comments
* Forum Comments
* Photos

CSS Layout Override Editor

If your know how to code CSS, you can use the CSS Override Editor to build a custom website!

* Upload your own custom images to be used to alter your layout.
* Create your own icons, background images, avatars, album images, etc.
* Resize and reshape a selected layout to your own specifications.
* Change colors of text and other XHTML elements.
* More…


Forums allow users to communicate and share information with each other. On personal websites they can be used to stay in touch with friends and family. On business websites, they might be used for support purposes. Doodlekit forums allow you to:

* Provide membership registration.
* Create an online community.
* Create topics for discussion by others.
* Lock down topic discussions if necessary.

Domain Email Forwarding

Create an email alias from your domain name. For example, bob@mywebsite.com.

* An email alias will forward all emails to another email address.
* Add or remove as many aliases as you want.
* One email alias can be used to forward emails to multiple email addresses.

Build a Website with Advanced User Security

Doodlekit provides advanced security features that allow you to manage your website users' access.

* Assign different roles to different users.
* Auto approve newly registered users or choose to approve/deny each registered user.
* Allow others to upload images.
* Make web pages that can only be viewed by selected users.

Limitations of the free version:
Bandwidth: up to 100GB
Storage: up to 100MB

Professional Reviews:

05 June 2015

BinBox – Share links and get paid!

Traffic worth money. You direct visitors – you are paid.
Easy as that.
Bibox is the free service which will help you to:
* Make money online for sharing links.
* Refer new users for a bonus!
* Protect yourself from bots and unwanted prying eyes.

* Create a free account and anytime you share links, we will pay you for each unique visitor. Earn up to $10 per thousand visitors to your links.
* You do not have to wait for automatic payments. Request a withdrawal anytime your account has at least $5. Get paid with Bitcoin or PayPal.
* All pastes are encrypted with a password, to deter bots and unwanted prying eyes. The password is never sent to our servers.
* Track your link traffic in real time so you can watch your earnings grow. Take full control of your links and maximize your earnings.
* Every affiliate you refer to the site will gain you a 20% bonus of their earnings. Maximize your earnings by referring your friends.
* You can post any link or text that obeys the local laws as well as the federal law of the United States.

Can that be a scam?

Here some findings from the online reviews:
* The website is not blacklisted by trusted security services such as Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog and MalwareDomainList. This means the website should be safe to visit and should not be used to distribute malware or Trojans.
* The website has a good trustworthiness score in the WOT (Web of Trust) reputation and it should be considered a safe and not harmful website (http://www.scamvoid.com/check/binbox.io).

Users’ feedback:
* Forces you to disable NoScript, Adblock and every privacy detector just to redirect you to another site.
* Safe site, no malware or viruses. Sometimes popups. A lot of useful stuff is posted using this site service (https://review.easycounter.com/Binbox-trust).

29 May 2015

Facebook Allows Animated GIFs

Yes, today is THE DAY for the animated GIFs fans.

Facebook announced today that it would support animated GIFs in the Facebook News Feed. While not everyone will see the added functionality immediately, as the update is still rolling out, eventually, the new feature will become standard on all profiles. This move represents a significant strategic change Facebook, which has historically avoided supporting GIFs, claiming that doing so would make its News Feed “too chaotic.” Instead of allowing GIFs, Facebook’s focus to date has been on video.

To try the new feature, you can paste a link to a GIF hosted on an external website like Giphy, Imgur, Tumblr, or elsewhere, into their status update box and then publish. The GIF will be animated inline after you post. You cannot currently upload GIFs directly, however, and see the same results. GIFs will auto-play on Facebook in line with your current video autoplay settings. If you choose to disable autoplay in your settings, you can tap or click a GIF (as indicated by “GIF” in a white circle on the image) to play it instead.

A Facebook spokesperson sent Adweek the following statement on animated GIF integration with business pages:

"We built support for animated GIFs to help people express themselves in fun new ways on Facebook. Like many features that we release on Facebook, we want to ensure that this drives a great experience for people first before rolling it out more widely. While Pages cannot currently post GIFs, we are exploring ways to enable this in the future."

Longtime Facebook users (read: old people like me who have been using the service since it was for college students only), will recall that if offered GIF support in the very early days. The ability to embed or upload GIFs was removed a decade ago, probably because of the negative impacts a ton of GIFs in the Newsfeed had on the product.

Sources and Additional Information:

05 May 2015

Textpattern – free and elegant content management system

Textpattern is an elegant content management system that is free, open source software. Web designers, developers, publishers and bloggers love its flexibility and extensibility. It has a powerful, sophisticated engine that can be infinitely tuned to suit whatever type of web site you can imagine.

Textpattern is tailor made for content publishers — whether you are writing for a corporation or for your own blog. The first thing you see when you log into Textpattern allows you to Just Write.

Begin publishing in minutes and when you wish to alter the layout of your site, adjust the built-in tags to determine how content should be retrieved and displayed. You have complete control over both content and presentation, making Textpattern an incredibly simple and elegant CMS to use.

In addition:

* Upload and organize images and files via your browser
* Categorize your content any way you wish
* Quickly convert plain text to valid XHTML with Textile
* Offer clean URLs to help SEO and visitors
* Take full control of date and time of articles
* Accept comments on any article in your site — you control for how long
* Set up unlimited site authors with varying privilege levels to collaborate with others on sites
* Allow visitors to subscribe to a tailored assortment of web feeds
* Take action with up-to-the-minute visitor/referrer logs

Sample of the website front page, built with Textpattern:

16 April 2015

IziSEO – Free crawler to identify and address SEO issues on your website

IziSEO is a web site spider that allows you to identify quickly and reliably on-page and on-site problems, which could prevent you from ranking high in search engines.

It is ideal for everyday site checks and keeping a list of SEO tasks to solve. It will work for you even if you have not heard much of search engine optimization.

IziSEO crawls your site like a search engine, then analyzes the content and presents it to you in a convenient format. You can quickly spot such common SEO problems as:
* Broken links and 404 Not Found pages;
* Moved pages or pages generating errors, so you get to fix Internal Server Error before your visitors see it;
* Pages with duplicate content;
* External links without nofollow;
* Images without ALT;
* Duplicate Titles and META Descriptions;
* Pages with low keyword density;
* Slowly loading pages;

Unlike search engines though, IziSEO does not crawl outside of your web site, i.e. it will not wander off to other web sites if there are links to them on your site's pages.

All potential issues are saved into the To-Do List where you can address them in your spare time.

The program will record additional information worth your attention in the Log File.

Free version limitations:
* Maximum number of pages is 300
* Maximum page level is 5
* Some other limitations, like inability to check CSS links and Javascript links.


08 April 2015

Facebook Comments Box on your Website

Comments Box is a social plugin that enables user commenting on your site. Features include moderation tools and distribution.

Social Relevance: Comments Box uses social signals to surface the highest quality comments for each user. Comments are ordered to show users the most relevant comments from friends, friends of friends, and the most liked or active discussion threads, while comments marked as spam are hidden from view.

Distribution: Comments are easily shared with friends or with people who like your Page on Facebook. If a user leaves the “Post to Facebook” box checked when he/she posts a comment, a story appears on his/her friends’ News Feed indicating that he’s/she’s made a comment on your website, which will also link back to your site.

Friends and people who like the Page can then respond to the discussion by liking or replying to the comment directly in the News Feed on Facebook or in the Comments Box on your site. Threads stay synced across Facebook and on the Comments Box on your site regardless of where the comment was made.

The plugin also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

19 March 2015

Free, New and Promising “Known” Blogging Platform

Ben Werdmuller and Erin Richey are part of the Indie Web movement, a loose knit group of hackers and designers reclaiming control over their online lives, grabbing them back from the big name web companies. They run a company called Known, and its first product plays right into this ethic. It is an open source publishing tool designed to provide a way of more easily publishing status updates, blog posts, and photos to a wide range of social media services, including Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. However, it comes with a twist: it lets you keep a copy of whatever you publish and post on your own site.

The idea is that you can more easily organize all your digital info in one place, and more easily show it to others.

Known provides what looks like a regular blog, but with a variety of open-source standards and plugins that allows users to cross-post or distribute their status updates, photos, videos and other content to networks like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr with a single click. They can also pull comments or responses from those networks back into their blog, using an open standard called WebMentions.

The Known software is available in two forms:
* A hosted version at withknown where anyone can set up their own Known site for free.
* A standalone version you can install on your own server - with the full source code available on Github as well as themes and plugins.

Main Features:
* Bookmarklet. Easily post to your site, save links, and respond to comments from any page on the web
* #Tags. Use hashtags with any content to categorize and organize what you publish
* Responsive Layout. View, edit, and post to your site from any device
* Unified Comments. View comments in one place, whether the discussion takes place on your website, on Twitter, or on Facebook.
* Email Notifications. Get updated whenever someone responds to a post
* Feeds. Get your latest updates via RSS, XML, JSON, or KML
* Multi-Author. Invite other contributors and create a multi-user site
* HTML & Rich Text Editor. Handcraft your posts in HTML or save time with the WYSIWYG

Sources and Additional Information:

05 March 2015

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads: Free Ebook

What is Facebook for you? For some people that is a useful two of socialization with friends, for other, that is a way to express views, feelings, and create a channel of communication for likely minded individuals. There are people, who use Facebook as source of news and information, or for local events schedule. And there are people, who actively use Facebook for marketing purposes.

The marketing studies confirm the fact that Facebook ads are quickly becoming the go-to online advertising avenue for business. If you have plan to invest in Facebook platform ads, review Complete Guide to Facebook – ebook, compiled by James Scherer - to help you get the best ROI possible, generate new leads and customers, and maximize the potential of your Facebook ads.

What you will learn from this comprehensive guide:
* How to target your ad to maximize involvement and conversions
* Optimizing your ad image for engagement
* Integrating your Facebook Ad with your landing page
* How to A/B Split test your Facebook Ad
* How to combat Facebook Ad fatigue

* Avoiding the nine Facebook Ads mistakes that are hurting your Click-through-Rate

25 February 2015

Why Alexa is Important and How you can Improve Alexa Ranking?

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa.com defines themselves as a “web information company“. They rank every website and blog based on their traffic and some other factors. This Alexa Rank is updated daily. Lesser the number your site has – better for you.

These rankings are generally consistent with the amount of traffic they have. However, Alexa rankings change every week depending on the variation of visitors visiting a website. You can click here to find the latest Alexa ranking for the Top websites in the Internet.

What is the rating algorithm?

While Alexa ranking is based on page views and sites popularity, its algorithm only counts only the hits, which were processed through their systems. Most of the advisers will claim that the system records only the traffic from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, not taking in account any non-certified hits. That is not exactly the case. Alexa’s measurement panel is based on a very large and diverse set of browser extensions and plug-ins. The Alexa Toolbar is just one of many browser extensions that include Alexa data. And, for sites that have installed the Alexa Certify code, Alexa directly measures traffic from all visitors to the website whether or not they have a browser extension installed.

How to Improve Alexa Rating?

Install the Alexa Tool Bar

While Alexa Tool Bar is not the only way to get yourself noticed, it represents one of the most popular and well-known approaches. Therefore, Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website. Alexa even gives you the ability to co-brand the toolbar with your own logo and give it away. You can also tell your friends and family members to download the toolbar and use it regularly. You will be amazed at how fast your rank will drop just by implementing this one, simple tip.

You can download the toolbar here: http://www.alexa.com/toolbar

Comment on Other Blogs

While the average blogger does not know, and does not care, about the Alexa rank, many professional bloggers are targeting their site rating position improvement in Alexa, installing the toolbars on their computers. If you leave quality comments on multiple blogs in your niche, there are good chances they will come back to your blog and return the favor.

Engage your Visitors

Encourage your website visitors to add their positive testimonials (comments and reviews) on Alexa’s detailed listings page for your website. This can be done by placing a link to the appropriate Alexa page on your website and asking visitors to “Click here to rate this website”.

Well this is a selective recommendation, and it is not for everyone.

Use Alexa Widgets

Download the Alexa ranking button, traffic history graph, info links, and other traffic counters onto the page of your website that receives the most traffic. You can do this by visiting here.

Everything Else

All other activities you are planning to increase your blog exposure, improve content, or enhance your social media penetration, will also be helpful for your Alexa ranking improvement, so continue doing (both non-SEO and SEO) steps to make your beautiful website with smart content visible to more people, and Alexa ranking will reflect this success.

Sources and Additional Information:

16 February 2015

How Can Hemingway be at your Service for Better Writing?

Spend more time on the unique posts preparation and data collection and leave the fine-tuning of your writing to Hemingway – your valuable web assistant.

Hemingway App will help you to improve your posts readability, making your writing bold and clear.

Hemingway is a free online writing assistant, making the automatic suggestions for your text improvements, highlighting long, complex sentences and common errors. If you see a yellow highlight, shorten the sentence or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers may, probably, get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence to remove the red.

Adverbs are helpfully shown in blue. Get rid of them and pick verbs with force instead.

You can utilize a shorter word in place of a purple one. Mouse over it for hints.

Phrases in green have been marked to show passive voice.

Paste in something you are working on and edit away. Or, click the Write button to compose something new.

Desktop versions for Windows and MAC are available for a modest price of $7.

11 February 2015

How to Add Expanding Photo Stack Effect for Blogger?

Impressive expending stack effect may be quite useful for attracting the visitors’ attention and generally impressive. It is relatively easy to implement, and each and very modern browser supports this effect. You can add this widget to Blogger side bar by resizing several selected images. The simple CSS3 coding is used to create the highlighted animation effect.

Check the effect demo in the embedded frame by hovering with your pointer through the pictures.

The procedure

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout
2. Click Add Gadget and select 'HTML/Javascript'
3. Paste below code.

/* The CSS Code for the image starts here bloggertrix.com



  width:300px;margin:0 auto;margin-top:2%;


#btrix_imgstack a{





  border:6px solid #f0f0f0;


  box-shadow:0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,.3);

  transition:margin .5s;

  -webkit-transition:margin .5s;


#btrix_imgstack img{




#btrix_imgstack a:first-of-type{






#btrix_imgstack a:nth-of-type(2){




#btrix_imgstack a:last-of-type{




#btrix_imgstack:hover a:first-of-type{



#btrix_imgstack:hover a:nth-of-type(2){


#btrix_imgstack:hover a:last-of-type{



#btrix_imgstack a:first-of-type:hover,#btrix_imgstack a:last-of-type:hover{margin-top:-5px;}

#btrix_imgstack a:nth-of-type(2):hover{margin-top:-10px;}


<div id="btrix_imgstack">

  <a href="#">

    <img src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjnDtUcn2a9AmhPv281I9OZoMWDb7apbMD6OOFZcsM_IfU81ZtdWlzD_P1rgwdh2sHP_zXntwc8OR4uv7odAbWnv8wV7vuAJDtiToLmp_djXGUrkPa2Mj5y4buTl-CWbcNrwJXK5lbQ4zo/s1600/btrix_image1.jpg" alt />


  <a href="#">

    <img src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEi1Mw-nkGIj9JAs4ITCZj6kSM3kw9VTl73dPP4h4h_7RrniLhqFthnrtImvSke0ibmLYehY9Ymcb9Lbc5jh1TpnRhpNpWjUVy4U9rjAPz62hpyHzpXGLu9QxtkyS3uGO_1CVgqo8Xbcvpk/s1600/btrix_image2.jpg" alt />


  <a href="#">

    <img src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEigDOyjtWYRlbWwOpuBv9Z6xejawAPbBFre-HWw34d9uNKwURrzY-Ppaugqz6r69IbE_mWFShIXALuUECTnRU3ckv0pv0AgziPzYSCm471a08_9_jQ74usuQcPxAIpXMZ13p8HQFUI5RS0/s1600/btrix_image3.jpg" alt />



Replace # with your links.
Replace Red color Link with your Image link.

4. Now save your HTML/Javascript'.

You are done.

25 January 2015

SETT – Community Based Blogging Platform Help to get you More Visitors

SETT is a new, community-focused blogging platform that promises engagement. Similar in style to Medium and Svbtle, it claims it can help writers get 98 percent more comments — on average — and a lot more attention, just based on its community of users.

So, SETT is a blogging platform that is looking to emphasize community, so that new users can find a right audience immediately and long-time bloggers can interact with higher-quality commenters and contributors.

Aside from features that are now standard these days like a news feed of content and WYSIWYG editing, SETT has a top bar where it is easy for bloggers to track comments or even private messages from others in the SETT community.

From the start, when new users sign up for an account, SETT refers readers to your site. It has a word-matching system internally that compares posts to one another. If a reader happens to like a post about one topic, the platform will recommend other similar ones to them. Therefore, through Sett's InstantAudience, your posts will be exposed to readers even before you get your first subscriber.

There are other features meant to enhance a reader’s relationship with a blogger like a simple, one-click e-mail subscription system. Subscribers are notified of new posts and new comments on posts they have decided to individually follow. MailGenius is Sett's integrated email system. With just one click, readers can subscribe to your blog via email. They also get replies to their posts emailed to them and can subscribe to individual posts. Each email has links at the bottom to automatically log in, reply, and upvote your post, making it effortless for your readers to interact with you and your content.

Sett's editor is lightning fast, gets out of your way, and allows you to insert pictures just by dragging and dropping. Resizing them is even easier. Want to insert a Youtube video or media from one of the other 250 sites they support? Just paste in the address and Sett handles the details for you.

Even posting is easier on Sett. Post immediately, schedule a post, or add a post to the AutoQueue, which will post automatically for you on a schedule.

Readers can also start their own independent discussions about posts in a community section, where they can see, who is online and which posts are being actively read by many users.

There are four pricing levels for SETT, from free to $99/month.

Video Presentation:

Sources and Additional Information:


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