05 June 2015

BinBox – Share links and get paid!

Traffic worth money. You direct visitors – you are paid.
Easy as that.
Bibox is the free service which will help you to:
* Make money online for sharing links.
* Refer new users for a bonus!
* Protect yourself from bots and unwanted prying eyes.

* Create a free account and anytime you share links, we will pay you for each unique visitor. Earn up to $10 per thousand visitors to your links.
* You do not have to wait for automatic payments. Request a withdrawal anytime your account has at least $5. Get paid with Bitcoin or PayPal.
* All pastes are encrypted with a password, to deter bots and unwanted prying eyes. The password is never sent to our servers.
* Track your link traffic in real time so you can watch your earnings grow. Take full control of your links and maximize your earnings.
* Every affiliate you refer to the site will gain you a 20% bonus of their earnings. Maximize your earnings by referring your friends.
* You can post any link or text that obeys the local laws as well as the federal law of the United States.

Can that be a scam?

Here some findings from the online reviews:
* The website is not blacklisted by trusted security services such as Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog and MalwareDomainList. This means the website should be safe to visit and should not be used to distribute malware or Trojans.
* The website has a good trustworthiness score in the WOT (Web of Trust) reputation and it should be considered a safe and not harmful website (http://www.scamvoid.com/check/binbox.io).

Users’ feedback:
* Forces you to disable NoScript, Adblock and every privacy detector just to redirect you to another site.
* Safe site, no malware or viruses. Sometimes popups. A lot of useful stuff is posted using this site service (https://review.easycounter.com/Binbox-trust).

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