21 November 2014

How to share files on Twitter with TwileShare?

I am not a big Twitter fan. However, it is definitely a powerful and influencing media and mean of communication in the modern World.

TwileShare is a free service, which adds more usability to your Twitter operations, allowing sharing files on Twitter. The service is free for all, and you can upload and share anything you want, starting with images, documents, PDFs, ebooks and more.

Easy, fast, and painless operations are guaranteed.

How it works: You login and load the file, and

Main features:
* Sign in with your Twitter credentials.
* Maximum storage space: 1 GB.
* View Stats.
* Safe and Secure transfer and storage.

04 November 2014

Jux - Ridiculously fun to use blogging platform

Today we are going to present something different – a new blogging platform, a new blogging community. Founded 2011 in New York City, Jux can be still considered as a newcomer. However, this blogging platform offers a distinctive set of impressive features, which might encourage you to try the service for your blogging needs.

Posts, made on Jux, looks really awesome, and that’s makes a huge difference, highlighting the major advantage of this platform, allowing your posts to stand out on the blogosphere. And the fact that there are no ads, there are no sidebars, or even Jux’s logo, makes it even more attractive. With Jux you can take advantage of a really nice interface and a system that will allow you to create high impact blogs utilizing high resolution images that look great on mobile devices too.

To get started on Jux, create an account for a site that will live at username.jux.com (or setup a domain name through a third party to point to the page). You will be greeted with a page proclaiming, "Let's make some magic."

Jux borrows certain ideas and components from Tumblr – particularly with how you can create different types of posts. However, as a platform, it certainly sets itself apart in other ways. There are seven types of content that you can share on Jux – quotes, text posts (articles), photos, videos, slideshows, a countdown, or even embed content from Google Maps.

With each type of post, you have control over accompanying photos, their size, background colors, text position and alignment and more. You can also add effects to your photos (blur, fade, limo, tilt shift and more), and select from a few different types of fonts.

The actual process for adding photos is, however, a little clunky and takes some getting used to. Click the + button at the top right hand corner and it will automatically add a stock photo – you have to click on that photo to replace it with one of your own.

When adding a block quote to your Jux, you can also add an image, which is of course entirely optional, to jazz up the post a little.

To add photos to each of your posts, or to create a photo post, you can upload the images from your computer, or import them from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, or a direct URL. You can search Flickr photos or connect to your account to use your own images.

Text posts (or articles) can also be accompanied by a photo. You have complete control over the photo size, the text’s position and alignment, and the background color of the page.

Video posts can be created simply by pasting the direct link of the video. You can add your own title and description, font type and background color, and more.

If a post with one photo isn’t enough, you can always create an entire slideshow in just one post. The countdown posts are perfect for anyone who likes to create lists. Simply select your photos, add the accompanying text, and Jux automatically numbers them for you.

Streetview is an awesome option unique to Jux. You can create posts that import images from Google Streetview – and you can pan just as you do on Google Maps to select your preferred view. Just add the address and Jux will find the image associated with it from Google Streetview. You can also add your title and caption.

Another really cool Jux feature is that when creating a new type of post – you can create what’s called a ‘Jux’. It’s almost like an entire blog within one post. You can add as many of the different types of posts listed above. So if there’s a certain topic that you want to share photos, videos and text about – you can put them all within one ‘Jux’. The feature is reminiscent of Storify – but rolled into a blog format instead.
The interface is slick, and makes it incredibly easy (and enjoyable) to create new posts. While the backend is great to use, with a WYSIWYG interface that overlays over the post, so you can see changes as you make them, Jux’s true strength is in how the final product looks. Jux blogs are gorgeous. And if you have beautiful photos and videos you want to showcase, the platform will do them justice.
The home page of your blog displays a grid of your posts. You can navigate between posts much like you would a slideshow, and the way in which photographs are displayed on Jux simply brings them to life.

Aside from giving you an easy to use platform to create a blog, a photography portfolio, or simply a place to share your thoughts with others, Jux also brings an element of a social network to the table. You can follow other users, and their posts will show up in your feed. You can also like or repost individual posts.

At the same time, you may use the service as substitution for your traditional PowerPoint presentations. The content creation tools for dynamic presentation are fun and do not require much of a learning curve. The result is full-screen, distraction-free content in a museum-quality gallery. With the set of provided free tools, users need not mess around with themes and sidebars. All users get is the content, the way they want to present it.

Web site: https://jux.com/

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