01 May 2014

LoadZen – Free Load and Performance Testing for your Blog

Loadzen offers free and commercial services, supports multiple tests required for the website performance assessment - you may test your site against:
* one-off traffic spikes,
* ongoing high volume load or variable,
* custom traffic patterns.

Loadzen's unique Google Chrome extension means you can record your load test scenarios from right inside your browser, no complicated test scripts needed.

You may run load tests of up to 25 virtual users completely free, then when you want to start testing with larger volumes, simply pay for what you use.

You are able run your test and review the results, as they come out. The system is real-time and will report the status of your test as it runs.

Note that Loadzen is also safe for your computer environment: if it will be detected that your server is timing out more than it should - the test routine will back off. If your site starts throwing regular and frequent errors, Loadzen will stop. The analysis tool will break down your results at the end of a test, showing a graph for each of your test scenarios, as well as aggregate graphs in an unbranded format for easy pasting into reports and presentations.


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