29 January 2010

Comment Sniper: Free Utility to improve Search Engines Ranking

Comment Sniper automatically checks leading blogs within your industry in real-time & notifies the moment a new post has been made. This allows you to get the first mover advantage on comment posting, for more targeted website visitors & better link popularity. This is NOT a blog comment spamming tool and should be used to post quality blog comments the add value to the bloggers articles. Blog comment posting has been proven to help increase your search engine rankings over time if used regularly.

Software using strategies:
  • You find the most popular & influential blogs relating to your industry and niche audience and load them into Comment Sniper for 24/7 monitoring of new articles being posted. 

  • You then configure the Comment Sniper with your mobile phone number (for optional SMS monitoring notifications), leaving Comment Sniper running in the background and connected to the Internet. 

  • You'll receive immediate Desktop Notification and/or an SMS to your mobile phone the second a new post is made on any of the blogs you've selected to monitor. 

  • With the advantage of being alerted (regardless of where you are) of the new post, moments after it has been made, you can then visit and be the first to comment on the new post. Your comment should of course be genuine and add value to the article being discussed... readers will click through to your website more often if you take the blog article and add value to it with your comments. 

  • Repeat this as often as you can when notifications are received. Not only will you receive an immediate influx of visitors from the leading blogs in your industry, but the more valuable, targeted, and theme relevant links you create to your own website on these blogs, the better your overall search engine rankings will become.
Get more information on the free fully functional software and download from the developers website: http://www.commentsniper.com/

22 January 2010

All Social Profiles in One Button: SocialFollow

SocialFollow is a cool new web application that combines all of your other social networking and social bookmarking profiles. You probably as many active bloggers, or just social networks customers, have your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and many other profiles around the net. It would be nice if your blog visitors will become your followers on one or few sites, where they have accounts as well.

With SocialFollow, you are able to combine all of these profiles into one handy button. These are great for embedding to your blog, sharing in your forum signature, or posting it anywhere around the web!

Through the freely available services, you can create a button that can be embedded wherever you choose on the web, contains personalized links to the social accounts that you use. All your blog visitor has to do is rollover the button to find the links to your accounts. Not only can the accounts that are linked to be customized but the appearance of the button itself can also be changed to some extent. With a Social Follow button, you can consolidate everything one time and not have to think about it again.

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You just sign up online and then add the corresponding social links one by one. A string of code will be generated for you to embed at your blog or web page.

Website address: http://www.socialfollow.com/

16 January 2010

8 Common Mistakes of Guest Posting on Blogs

Link building is one of the most useful approaches to get more visibility to your blog, improve its rating, and attract visitors your site. All SEO experts agree that it is generally helpful, but the links building strategies might be different, and not all of them are bringing equally positive results.

If you are trying to build links that point back to your blog or website one of the most powerful ways you can do that is by offering to write content on other blogs. This is a little different than landing a freelance writing job because your offer is to help bloggers by writing content on their blog for free. While this might not sound like a very good deal for you in terms of the return on invested time, in fact, it really is.

Paying for links is risky. Google has a good sniffer for spotting paid or sponsored links. Doing link exchanges, especially blogroll exchanges, has proved to have very limited value. Ordering sponsored posts is very risky as well because you then might put your site on Google’s radar of potentially “blacklisted sites”.

Writing guest posts is a safe and very natural way to score powerful backlinks to your blog or website. Consider this too. When you publish content on other blogs, you are in complete control of the link building process. You are in complete control of how you want to word your content and shape and mold your links pointing back to your site. In other words, writing guest posts on other blogs gives you the ability to take a blank piece of digital paper and turn it into anything you want.

Guest posting on other blogs has other benefits as well. For one, you’ll find that you have an endless supply of blogs where you can publish your content on. Most bloggers struggle for material. Just like a journalist or a columnist, often bloggers struggle from writers block and totally enjoy it when someone offers to provide them with killer content.

Another benefit is the fact that not only can you build links by writing the content, you can also take a chance to use the post for indirect “selling” yourself and your content to readers of the blog you are publishing on. This gives you an amazing opportunity to increase the number of regular reader who read your own blog or website.

The only disadvantage is the amount of time you need to invest into writing content. One thing about that though is I believe that you always get back when you put in. Meaning, if you invest the time into writing quality content on other blogs, your return will be great as well.

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Common mistakes with guest posts
  • Writing the guest post before you pitch the owner. Please send him/her several prospective post ideas, with bullet-pointed sub-points, and let owner suggest the best one for the audience.
  • Not doing your research. Read carefully author’s post and note the format of the blog, you are addressing your post. Your publication should match the spirit, structure, and format of the site, otherwise it might be rejected by the owner.
  • Submitting link-baits. Avoid submitting the posts that due to the time-limited actuality will be forgotten by the next day. High-traffic sites, for the most part, want great articles that will stand the test of time.
  • Using someone else’s content. One of the stupidest things you can do when submitting a post to someone else’s blog is to use someone else’s content. You do need a positive publicity, and not a negative one. Be professional and responsible, whatever you do and respect the host.
  • Using already published content. Don’t submit a post that you’ve already posted on your blog (or that you intend to publish on your blog in the future). As you know, having the same content in multiple places on the web doesn’t look good for search engines, and the blog owner might be very strict about that. Write and submit something unique. If you do intend to post something in multiple places make sure you get the approval of the blogger first.
  • Submitting self promotional content. The main reason that you as a guest poster are likely to engage in guest posting is to get exposure to a wider audience. That’s pretty well understood by everyone – however sometimes posts go too far and become more about the guest poster than anything else. If you’re going to use links back to your own blog inside the post (as opposed to just a byline) then make sure they’re completely relevant to the post itself and useful to readers. If you’re too self-promotional you’re less likely to have your post accepted and if it is you could end up hurting your reputation with those who read the post.
  • Making the blog post all about your opinion. Nobody cares about you. Use research, charts, and expert quotes to back up your argument, and create an interesting thesis.
  • Underestimating how long it takes to write a good post. On your blog, you might have great posts, average posts, or weak posts. You are the owner. But, when you propose your writing to the fellow blogger take your time to make a great irresistible content. You want attract the readers attention, so make it perfect by all means.
If you are interesting in submitting guest publication to this blog, you are welcome to drop a link in the comments to this post.

Sources and Additional Information:

10 January 2010

Increase Blog Traffic and Web Presence with BlogUpp!

You are not satisfied with the rate of your blog exposure to blogosphere and WWW? You want to attract more readers? You have space on your blog sidebar for extra widget? Try BlogUpp!

How BlogUpp! Can Help You?

Enter your blog URL in the form on the BlogUpp! Website and get your promotional widget. It is easy like that. No need to register and sign up, no need to pay or fill any mandatory offers. Note that all submitted blogs are analyzed individually and approved manually in a timely manner. There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites. As indicator of the approval status is the color of widget bar with BlogUpp! logo. Hence Grey stands for pending, Blue - for approved, and Red - for denied. Is the strict approval procedure good or bad? Depends… If you have an adult or spam site, this solution is not for you. But if your blog has legitimate content, you need to trust your partners, and be sure your page will be exposed to something inappropriate.

So, how that works:

  • BlogUpp! snapshots each blog and reads its RSS on a regular basis;
  • For every 10 blogs shared in your widget, yours is shared in 9 others;
  • The widget shows interactively the blog image and its latest post;
  • The blog clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing yours;
  • Approved blogs get also listed in blog directory for more blog promotion;
  • And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever.
 When you get any freebies you want to understand why that is free, and where is the catch. With BlogUpp! it is clear and transparent, since every 1 of 10 feeds on your widget will be substituted with ads.

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What makes BlogUpp! different?
  • FREE. No Sign up
  • Dynamic blog targeting
  • Handpicked quality blogs
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • Blogspot, Wordpress and alike friendly
  • Welcome bonus for every approved blog
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9).
 Developers’ website: http://www.blogupp.com/


Update 12-25-12:

Starting from May 2010, the BlogUpp service also offers automatic Facebook & Twitter Cross-Posting. So, now BlogUpp will regularly update your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed with latest blog post. This can greatly improve your blog promotion, now that your friends are mass syndicators of your blog across social web.

06 January 2010

4 Free Online Services to Scramble your Email Address and Prevent Spam

In today's underground culture of SPAM, the most used technique to harvest emails is by looking at websites.  Spiders run through the web collecting any code that has a name, an "@" sign, and a domain at the end. Thus, the SPAM lists are created from your own attempts to do business on the web.

So, by having your email address in a readable format you will eventually be hit by an email spam bot. Their function in life is to trawl every website looking for email addresses it can add to its database, with the sole purpose of spamming you at a later date. So what do these bots look for? Well firstly it might look for mailto: links. Alternatively it may look for email syntax xxx@xxxx.xx.xx for example.

Is there a simple solution to post your contact email address on the webpage, but still avoid the address capturing by unfriendly harvesters? Yes, it is. You can use a script encrypting email link on the webpage to hide them from spammers.

No, you do not have to be a software engineer to generate the code for each of your email addresses. You can find the appropriate generators online to be used for free. Here are selected links for you:

  1. Blogger Buster Email Link Scrambler
To use this email scrambler, simply enter your email address in the box below and type the link you would like to display to your visitors (eg: "Email Me"). When you click the "Scramble Email" button, you will be presented with javascript code which you can copy and paste into your blog template where you would like the email link to be displayed (eg: in an HTML/Javascript widget in your sidebar).

  1. uPromote Email Address Scrambler
The uPromote Email Address Scrambler turns ordinary text email addresses into ASCII code, causing email address harvesters to bypass real email addresses. To the human eye, an email addresses remains intelligible, while automated harvesters are duped into avoiding the code.

  1. WebDevTips Email Scrambler
Enter your email address into the appropriate field. The generator compiles a new string based on your email address, replacing the @ and . characters. A script is then created for you to cut and paste on your site which generates a mailto: link with javascript. Both your real email address and mailto: link will be invisible to the bots - protecting you from spam.

  1. DynamicDrive Easy Email Scrambler
To encrypt an email address, simply modify your existing "mailto:" link on the page with a specifically crafted email address instead, and the script modifies it to become valid for humans. Compatibility wise, the script works in all JavaScript enabled browsers, and even for those with JavaScript disabled, the resulting email link still works to a degree that allows the visitor to email you.


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