22 January 2010

All Social Profiles in One Button: SocialFollow

SocialFollow is a cool new web application that combines all of your other social networking and social bookmarking profiles. You probably as many active bloggers, or just social networks customers, have your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and many other profiles around the net. It would be nice if your blog visitors will become your followers on one or few sites, where they have accounts as well.

With SocialFollow, you are able to combine all of these profiles into one handy button. These are great for embedding to your blog, sharing in your forum signature, or posting it anywhere around the web!

Through the freely available services, you can create a button that can be embedded wherever you choose on the web, contains personalized links to the social accounts that you use. All your blog visitor has to do is rollover the button to find the links to your accounts. Not only can the accounts that are linked to be customized but the appearance of the button itself can also be changed to some extent. With a Social Follow button, you can consolidate everything one time and not have to think about it again.

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You just sign up online and then add the corresponding social links one by one. A string of code will be generated for you to embed at your blog or web page.

Website address: http://www.socialfollow.com/

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