10 January 2010

Increase Blog Traffic and Web Presence with BlogUpp!

You are not satisfied with the rate of your blog exposure to blogosphere and WWW? You want to attract more readers? You have space on your blog sidebar for extra widget? Try BlogUpp!

How BlogUpp! Can Help You?

Enter your blog URL in the form on the BlogUpp! Website and get your promotional widget. It is easy like that. No need to register and sign up, no need to pay or fill any mandatory offers. Note that all submitted blogs are analyzed individually and approved manually in a timely manner. There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites. As indicator of the approval status is the color of widget bar with BlogUpp! logo. Hence Grey stands for pending, Blue - for approved, and Red - for denied. Is the strict approval procedure good or bad? Depends… If you have an adult or spam site, this solution is not for you. But if your blog has legitimate content, you need to trust your partners, and be sure your page will be exposed to something inappropriate.

So, how that works:

  • BlogUpp! snapshots each blog and reads its RSS on a regular basis;
  • For every 10 blogs shared in your widget, yours is shared in 9 others;
  • The widget shows interactively the blog image and its latest post;
  • The blog clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing yours;
  • Approved blogs get also listed in blog directory for more blog promotion;
  • And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever.
 When you get any freebies you want to understand why that is free, and where is the catch. With BlogUpp! it is clear and transparent, since every 1 of 10 feeds on your widget will be substituted with ads.

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What makes BlogUpp! different?
  • FREE. No Sign up
  • Dynamic blog targeting
  • Handpicked quality blogs
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • Blogspot, Wordpress and alike friendly
  • Welcome bonus for every approved blog
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9).
 Developers’ website: http://www.blogupp.com/


Update 12-25-12:

Starting from May 2010, the BlogUpp service also offers automatic Facebook & Twitter Cross-Posting. So, now BlogUpp will regularly update your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed with latest blog post. This can greatly improve your blog promotion, now that your friends are mass syndicators of your blog across social web.

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