19 November 2013

Using Infographics in your Blogs

Information graphics or infographics is a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly in one page. Infographics take complex information and data sets and make them easy to digest in a visually stimulating design. This allows the viewer to quickly grasp the main points from the data or information, which is important in our 30-second society. In a way, it is like making entire PowerPoint presentation in one long page, with nice design and consideration for overall visual attractiveness and easy comprehension.

And if you got the idea, and want to make your own project with idea to boost your Internet presence and promote your resources, you can use several free resources, which will help you to prepare the visually appealing project:

1. Infogram

Infogr.am is considered as one of the best, if not the best, free infographic project designer. It has nice and user-friendly interface, however there are multiple features for the author to make outstanding posters.  For example, you can design more than 30 different types of graphic charts (while Excel offers just 11).

As your presentation is ready, you may download it in PNG or PDF format and publish online with supplied code. If your data is sensitive, you make restrict its distribution, securing it with password, and getting a private link.

If you do not like infogram for some reason, you may choose among the following services:

2. Visual.ly: http://visual.ly/
3. InfoActive: https://infoactive.co/
4. Easelly: http://www.easel.ly/


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