29 May 2009

Free Automatic RSS Submit Utility

Allscoop RSS Submit Pro instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds and blogs to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet.

RSS feeds are the fastest growing way to promote your site. Submit your blog or other RSS feed to directories will help to drive traffic to your site and blog. RSS Submit Pro can site submit your site to all the major RSS directories in just a few minutes. This freeware RSS software works on all Windows platforms and is a snap to install.

At the initial step, you record the required information to the offered form for every feed, and next you submit to all included site in a single click. Feed resubmission will leave you to make several clicks to initiate automatic submission process.

27 May 2009

How to get multiple backlinks to your Blog?

Xtreme Blog Hunter offers the easiest and fastest way to generate a huge list of related blogs in any niche you choose which does not have the ‘nofollow’ attribute. Searching for blogs without the ‘nofollow’ attribute is extremely time consuming, since you need to inspect the source code of each blogs individually, or use the lists of the nofollow blogs prepared by others.

Thus you are able to locate the best blogs you can leave comments on and build multiple free backlinks to your website instantly!
You can even enter your own domain before the blog search and the software tell you if the blog already has your link and what anchor text used. Many bloggers consider the backlinks creation approach as one of the most important in a way of your PR improvement and related search traffic boost.

What can Xtreme Blog Hunter do for you?
  • Generate a huge blog list in any niche in seconds.
  • Build 1000’s of quality backlinks to your website instantly.
  • Locate blogs which does not have the “nofollow” attribute.
  • Attract Free blog traffic to your website.
  • and much more…
Operating System
WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise

21 May 2009

Convert any file into a web site

File2.ws is a free website that converts any of your own files into a public online web page. Every converted file to a web page has a unique web address so you can share it with friends, or other people on the internet. This allows information to be shared quickly and efficiently to a large audience.

Main Features:
  • Fastest download speeds
  • No download limits
  • No CAPTCHA codes
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads and uploads
  • Unlimited page bandwidth
  • No sign up required
  • No software to install
  • Link directly to the generated web page
Supported Files:
  • image/photo files (jpeg, gif, png, svg...)
  • audio formats (mp3, ogg...)
  • documents (doc, pdf, odt, txt, rtf, ppt...)
  • programming source code (java, php, cpp...)
  • web documents (html, htm, swf...)
  • archive (zip, rar, tar...)
  • video, fonts, chemical file formats and more
  • all into a widely accessible web page!
  • Files are limited to 15 MB.
  • File2 is not a backup service, any file or page may be deleted at anytime with or without warning.

My Comment: While the offerings are descent and produced link looks professional, I use this service as secondary for the file sharing due to the limitations and lack of incentives. My primary files sharing host is Ziddu, primarily because of the ability to generate additional income through sharing the downloaded files. For me, it is not so significant, but why not gather some extra cents, whenever possible?

15 May 2009

39 Best Freeware Blog Desktop Publishing Utilities

As I mentioned in my previous post, many bloggers look forward on using stand-alone desktop applications to prepare their blog post before publishing them. WriteToMyBlog provides free web-based solution, but it has several drawbacks:
  1. You need Internet connection when you work with the site.
  2. You depend entirely on the site functionality and operation speed.
  3. You have to provide your login data to get connected to your publishing platform, which many users do not feel comfortable to do.
Desktop Blog publishing utilities, while having their own problems, successfully bypass the noted limitations. You can work offline on your article generation and formatting, and publish it as soon as it is ready. That saves valuable online time and traffic, if your data plan is not unlimited.

In the Rating list, I am going to present today, I listed free software assisting bloggers in preparation, formatting, and submission the posts to their hosting sites with minimum amount of time and best outcomes. Presented utilities are to help those using free blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, and those who prefer maintaining their Blog on the independent Web Site using server-based scripts.

I presented this list on this blog for the first time in January 2008, when there were just 14 utilities included. As of today, there are already 39 free computer programs, scripts, and plug-ins on the list. Feel free to review the collection, input your rating and experience, and even add some items that might be currently missing from consideration.

RateItAll List: http://www.rateitall.com/t-24825-blog-publishing-freeware.aspx

The programs with the highest rating are:
  1. Windows Live Writer
  2. BlogDesk
  3. Qumana
  4. W.bloggar
  5. WordPress
  6. Zoundry Blog Writer

11 May 2009

WriteToMyBlog Free Online Blog Post Editor

If you are not satisfied with built-in Blogger post editor, you are already reviewed the available opportunities to use blog publishing software to prepare your post offline before loading it into the Blogger platform. While stand-alone software might be a good alternative, occasionally you might get in the situation that you do not have your computer with you, but you still need to publish your blog with more post formatting capabilities than Blogger offers to you.
And here comes handy a free online blog publishing platform, we’d like to present in this publication. WriteToMyBlog offers you an advanced word processor that allows you to Post Entries to your Blog remotely. The service is completely free with no membership required. It allows you to post entries to multiple blogs, view and edit your recent Posts, and it works with all major Blog platforms, not just with Blogger.

Main Features
• Web based (online) Blog Client.

• Advanced word processor.

• No membership required. Completely free, no strings attached.

• Works with all major Blog programs and protocols.

• Can insert tables into your Posts.

• Can style and control text within your Posts.

• Can insert and wrap images into your Posts.

• Can insert layers and CSS within your Posts.

• Multi language Ajax
spell checker.

• Include tags (Technorati) with your Posts.

• Can setup and Post to multiple Blog accounts.

• Can view, preview, edit (right from within WriteToMyBlog) and delete Posts.

• WriteToMyBlog does not view or store any of your posts or Blog account details; it simple acts as an interface gateway between you and your Blog program.

Blog services supported
WriteToMyBlog has been tested with the following Blog services: Blogger.com, TypePad, WordPress.com, WordPress and Movable Type. WriteToMyBlog also support the MetaWeblog and Atom API protocols.

Browsers supported
WriteToMyBlog works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (recommended). WriteToMyBlog works using Firefox on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

WriteToMyBlog encoding
WriteToMyBlog uses UTF-8 encoding. Most Blog services by default use this encoding; if yours doesn't you sometimes can change it within your Blog services control panel.

HTML code format
WriteToMyBlog generates XHTML Transitional 1.0 code for its Post Entries.

Screenshot (Click to Enlarge):

06 May 2009

One Click Live Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging became a modern reality, and all the related accessories, applications, and services, are getting enormous attention from the blogging community. Today, we present CellSpin - a one-click live mobile blogging application for video, voice, photo, text blogging, supporting several Social Networking Sites. First, we mentioned the application last June, but since its applicability grew significantly in terms of the supported sites and supported mobile gadgets.

CellSpin is a FREE and easy to use mobile blogging application that lets you blog photos, audio, video, and text from your phone to popular blogging and social networking communities.

Supported Sites:
  • MySpace,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Blogger,
  • WordPress,
  • YouTube,
  • Flickr,
  • Picasa
  • Live Journal,
  • Live Spaces,
  • Typepad,
  • Twitter,
  • Pownce, and
  • eBay.
To use CellSpin, you must visit their website http://www.cellspin.net and create a free account.

Things you can do with CellSpin:
  • Voice blogging
  • Photo blogging
  • Text blogging
  • Video blogging
  • Use CellSpin as a voice notes application
  • Use the Select Media button to select and post pre-existing media from your phone
  • Use MySpace and Facebook MoBlog applications from CellSpin
  • Record an audio conversation and embarrass your friends
  • Securely post audio, photos, video, and text to live eBay auctions
  • Podcast with the click of a button
  • Record voice meeting minutes and post them to a blog
  • Share media on CellSpin community blogs ("clogs") on various discussion topics
  • Record and post live events to blogs or clogs, becoming an on-the-scene journalist
  • Create your own novel, fun, profitable uses...
Supported phones:

Customer feedback:
Kenny from Odblog tested the application in the field, and he provides the following feedback. The pictures are more impressive than the standard blogger uploads as you get a larger image without having to play around with the html. The image is also automatically rotated. The text appears nicely beneath the picture as the entries are grouped by date, and I also managed to send a status update to twitter through it too. I’m thinking this would be a great way to record a trip using different media types videos for peer assessment, audio to analyze geographical description, text as a field logbook, 140 characters to summarize key features of a field location and photos to evaluate field sketches. My only gripe would be that the application seems to stay open permanently. This might just be a phone bug or it might be me being tech incompetent!

Download (for Blackberry):

Screen shots from the Website (Click to Enlarge):

03 May 2009

Put Multiple Web Links into One Shortcut with LinkBunch

Mobile blogging and Internet Messaging created an entire culture of communication minimization style. People are trying to provide maximum information with minimal time and words. New service LinkBunch will help you if you need to communicate multiple Web Links. The free online service will allow you putting multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone. When the recipient clicks on the tiny LinkBunch link, he/she will be presented with a page that contains all the links that you put in the bunch. So, it is like a web shortcut to the collection of links you want to share with your friends.

The service will be useful for those who share multiple links on the web services such as instant messengers (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) or microblogging platforms such as Twitter (which has a 140-character limit) and Pownce (which only has one link field).
LinkBunch is easy to use. Web interface allows you to just paste links into the box on the homepage - one link on each line - and click ’Bunch’ to bunch them together. You can also use the Firefox extension that will let you create a bunch of all your open tabs in the browser.

Examples of use:
  1. You want to send your friends all your blogs and profile pages in different social networks.
  2. You want to share the multiple travel deals you have located online for your next dream vacation.
  3. You want to present your artistic works, hosted online, to your potential employer.
Instead of multiple, often long and complicated links, you send one - short and professional. No registration required, no strings attached, service is absolutely free.

Website: http://linkbun.ch/


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