11 May 2009

WriteToMyBlog Free Online Blog Post Editor

If you are not satisfied with built-in Blogger post editor, you are already reviewed the available opportunities to use blog publishing software to prepare your post offline before loading it into the Blogger platform. While stand-alone software might be a good alternative, occasionally you might get in the situation that you do not have your computer with you, but you still need to publish your blog with more post formatting capabilities than Blogger offers to you.
And here comes handy a free online blog publishing platform, we’d like to present in this publication. WriteToMyBlog offers you an advanced word processor that allows you to Post Entries to your Blog remotely. The service is completely free with no membership required. It allows you to post entries to multiple blogs, view and edit your recent Posts, and it works with all major Blog platforms, not just with Blogger.

Main Features
• Web based (online) Blog Client.

• Advanced word processor.

• No membership required. Completely free, no strings attached.

• Works with all major Blog programs and protocols.

• Can insert tables into your Posts.

• Can style and control text within your Posts.

• Can insert and wrap images into your Posts.

• Can insert layers and CSS within your Posts.

• Multi language Ajax
spell checker.

• Include tags (Technorati) with your Posts.

• Can setup and Post to multiple Blog accounts.

• Can view, preview, edit (right from within WriteToMyBlog) and delete Posts.

• WriteToMyBlog does not view or store any of your posts or Blog account details; it simple acts as an interface gateway between you and your Blog program.

Blog services supported
WriteToMyBlog has been tested with the following Blog services: Blogger.com, TypePad, WordPress.com, WordPress and Movable Type. WriteToMyBlog also support the MetaWeblog and Atom API protocols.

Browsers supported
WriteToMyBlog works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (recommended). WriteToMyBlog works using Firefox on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

WriteToMyBlog encoding
WriteToMyBlog uses UTF-8 encoding. Most Blog services by default use this encoding; if yours doesn't you sometimes can change it within your Blog services control panel.

HTML code format
WriteToMyBlog generates XHTML Transitional 1.0 code for its Post Entries.

Screenshot (Click to Enlarge):

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