03 May 2009

Put Multiple Web Links into One Shortcut with LinkBunch

Mobile blogging and Internet Messaging created an entire culture of communication minimization style. People are trying to provide maximum information with minimal time and words. New service LinkBunch will help you if you need to communicate multiple Web Links. The free online service will allow you putting multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone. When the recipient clicks on the tiny LinkBunch link, he/she will be presented with a page that contains all the links that you put in the bunch. So, it is like a web shortcut to the collection of links you want to share with your friends.

The service will be useful for those who share multiple links on the web services such as instant messengers (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) or microblogging platforms such as Twitter (which has a 140-character limit) and Pownce (which only has one link field).
LinkBunch is easy to use. Web interface allows you to just paste links into the box on the homepage - one link on each line - and click ’Bunch’ to bunch them together. You can also use the Firefox extension that will let you create a bunch of all your open tabs in the browser.

Examples of use:
  1. You want to send your friends all your blogs and profile pages in different social networks.
  2. You want to share the multiple travel deals you have located online for your next dream vacation.
  3. You want to present your artistic works, hosted online, to your potential employer.
Instead of multiple, often long and complicated links, you send one - short and professional. No registration required, no strings attached, service is absolutely free.

Website: http://linkbun.ch/

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