06 May 2009

One Click Live Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging became a modern reality, and all the related accessories, applications, and services, are getting enormous attention from the blogging community. Today, we present CellSpin - a one-click live mobile blogging application for video, voice, photo, text blogging, supporting several Social Networking Sites. First, we mentioned the application last June, but since its applicability grew significantly in terms of the supported sites and supported mobile gadgets.

CellSpin is a FREE and easy to use mobile blogging application that lets you blog photos, audio, video, and text from your phone to popular blogging and social networking communities.

Supported Sites:
  • MySpace,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Blogger,
  • WordPress,
  • YouTube,
  • Flickr,
  • Picasa
  • Live Journal,
  • Live Spaces,
  • Typepad,
  • Twitter,
  • Pownce, and
  • eBay.
To use CellSpin, you must visit their website http://www.cellspin.net and create a free account.

Things you can do with CellSpin:
  • Voice blogging
  • Photo blogging
  • Text blogging
  • Video blogging
  • Use CellSpin as a voice notes application
  • Use the Select Media button to select and post pre-existing media from your phone
  • Use MySpace and Facebook MoBlog applications from CellSpin
  • Record an audio conversation and embarrass your friends
  • Securely post audio, photos, video, and text to live eBay auctions
  • Podcast with the click of a button
  • Record voice meeting minutes and post them to a blog
  • Share media on CellSpin community blogs ("clogs") on various discussion topics
  • Record and post live events to blogs or clogs, becoming an on-the-scene journalist
  • Create your own novel, fun, profitable uses...
Supported phones:

Customer feedback:
Kenny from Odblog tested the application in the field, and he provides the following feedback. The pictures are more impressive than the standard blogger uploads as you get a larger image without having to play around with the html. The image is also automatically rotated. The text appears nicely beneath the picture as the entries are grouped by date, and I also managed to send a status update to twitter through it too. I’m thinking this would be a great way to record a trip using different media types videos for peer assessment, audio to analyze geographical description, text as a field logbook, 140 characters to summarize key features of a field location and photos to evaluate field sketches. My only gripe would be that the application seems to stay open permanently. This might just be a phone bug or it might be me being tech incompetent!

Download (for Blackberry):

Screen shots from the Website (Click to Enlarge):

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