19 December 2015

MyPost – Convenient and fast one-page site creation

There are occasional situations when you do not need a full-featured website, with numerous pages, posts, and links. You need just a place for posting the targeted shareable content, which can be created fast and easy, with no time and financial spending. For example, posting your resume, or posting the birthday invitation flier, or posting the backpacking trip plan…

MyPost offers you an instant opportunity to create beautiful web pages in minutes. Whether you know how to code or do not know how to code at all, MyPost is for you. The combination of HTML, BBCode, and various font icons will allow you to write professional and personal posts in no time. No experience necessary!

Love your post and want to add more later on? Go back and add more! Want to edit or modify? No problem as it is always available just for you, protected with the password you created. Want it gone? Delete it!

Main Features:
* No registration
* No signup
* No account
* No user profile
* No hassle
* Create blog posts in minutes!
* Customize blog posts in minutes!
* Create a web page with your content in minutes!

There is really no limitation to what you can do!

If you want to personalize your post and add more to it, click on the Show Advanced Options more customization! Customization allows you to change:
* Headline Font, Size, Color
* Content Font, Size, Color
* Background Color
* Scroll To Top Color
* Comments
* Comment Colors
* Custom CSS
* And more!

08 December 2015

MindSky - an open workspace for your creative ideas

It is not easy to describe what MindSky is about - not because it offers technically challenging solution, but because it offers versatile and creative platform for your daily cognitive and social presence operations both on Desktop and Mobile platforms.

MindSky mind become for you the most convenient space and framework for all your notes and ideas. It allows you to organize your thoughts in absolutely unique way. It is simple, user-friendly design and interface allows you to spend time on creating, storing, and sharing the content most efficiently.

What you can do:
* Write notes. Some people call it a multidimensional notepad from the future, as notes are not just rich-text type, but also audio-notes.
* Quickly publish your notes as a fully customizable website or blog with the same ease as internal note taking.
* Create lists.
* Save, highlight, discuss, and share articles.
* Make drawings.
* Apply Geo-tagging: attach a location and find on the map.
* Set reminders.
* Instant synchronization Web and Mobile versions

It is nice, fast, and easy. And it is free.


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