29 January 2010

Comment Sniper: Free Utility to improve Search Engines Ranking

Comment Sniper automatically checks leading blogs within your industry in real-time & notifies the moment a new post has been made. This allows you to get the first mover advantage on comment posting, for more targeted website visitors & better link popularity. This is NOT a blog comment spamming tool and should be used to post quality blog comments the add value to the bloggers articles. Blog comment posting has been proven to help increase your search engine rankings over time if used regularly.

Software using strategies:
  • You find the most popular & influential blogs relating to your industry and niche audience and load them into Comment Sniper for 24/7 monitoring of new articles being posted. 

  • You then configure the Comment Sniper with your mobile phone number (for optional SMS monitoring notifications), leaving Comment Sniper running in the background and connected to the Internet. 

  • You'll receive immediate Desktop Notification and/or an SMS to your mobile phone the second a new post is made on any of the blogs you've selected to monitor. 

  • With the advantage of being alerted (regardless of where you are) of the new post, moments after it has been made, you can then visit and be the first to comment on the new post. Your comment should of course be genuine and add value to the article being discussed... readers will click through to your website more often if you take the blog article and add value to it with your comments. 

  • Repeat this as often as you can when notifications are received. Not only will you receive an immediate influx of visitors from the leading blogs in your industry, but the more valuable, targeted, and theme relevant links you create to your own website on these blogs, the better your overall search engine rankings will become.
Get more information on the free fully functional software and download from the developers website: http://www.commentsniper.com/

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