16 April 2015

IziSEO – Free crawler to identify and address SEO issues on your website

IziSEO is a web site spider that allows you to identify quickly and reliably on-page and on-site problems, which could prevent you from ranking high in search engines.

It is ideal for everyday site checks and keeping a list of SEO tasks to solve. It will work for you even if you have not heard much of search engine optimization.

IziSEO crawls your site like a search engine, then analyzes the content and presents it to you in a convenient format. You can quickly spot such common SEO problems as:
* Broken links and 404 Not Found pages;
* Moved pages or pages generating errors, so you get to fix Internal Server Error before your visitors see it;
* Pages with duplicate content;
* External links without nofollow;
* Images without ALT;
* Duplicate Titles and META Descriptions;
* Pages with low keyword density;
* Slowly loading pages;

Unlike search engines though, IziSEO does not crawl outside of your web site, i.e. it will not wander off to other web sites if there are links to them on your site's pages.

All potential issues are saved into the To-Do List where you can address them in your spare time.

The program will record additional information worth your attention in the Log File.

Free version limitations:
* Maximum number of pages is 300
* Maximum page level is 5
* Some other limitations, like inability to check CSS links and Javascript links.


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