14 July 2015

Create awesome mobile-friendly websites with MobiRise

MobiRise Website Builder creates fast, dynamic, highly responsive mobile-friendly websites in a few clicks. The operation is easy and fast, through drag-and-drop approach. The program allows you to create and customize the main index page, then anchor secondary links to it.

The process of creating websites is very clear and visual, by dragging and dropping the required content blocks in the operational workspace. Mobirise offers several types of content blocks, including text, images, features, pricing tables, headers, menus or footers. You may add your own background images, custom text and anchor URLs to any other external website. Additionally, you can link a specific button to an email address or a preset anchor on the same page. You can click the 'Plus' button in the lower right corner of the window to prompt the menu and select the blocks. Similarly, you may click on the option buttons at the top of each page and reveal the settings panel, individualized for each type of block.

Experts define Bootstrap 3 as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks, and Mobirise has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.

The program's minimalistic interface allows you to preview your work in real time, as well as to configure automatically it for various types of screens. You may thus optimize your website for display on desktop, on tablets or mobile devices. The website building process is entirely visual, the program does not include a script editing console. Editing pages and content made easy.

Mobirise allows you to export the websites you create to the desktop, as an HTML file and the afferent JavaScript assets. Alternatively, you can upload your project to a specified FTP location, or your Google Drive, in the selected folder. Each page can be optimized for desktop or mobile screen with one mouse click. Fully customizable Resize, reorder and hide elements to make your mobile view perfect - without changing the appearance of your desktop site.

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