27 July 2015

Instant Online Generator for Websites’ Legal Agreements

You are doing your best to make your Website as professionally looking as you can. Thus, you may need to incorporate several legal agreements, which are appropriate for your site, business, and conditions of your operations. But finding and adopting legal documents for your site might be complicated and might require certain expertise.

Well, look for assistance no more! TermsFeed allows you to create the legal agreements easily and online. No software is required. It is fast, it is professional, and it is free.

You can download the agreements instantly in HTML or as simple, unformatted text.

Create custom agreements that can be legally binding for your users: Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Terms of Service or Return and Refund Policies.

To get started, select what agreement you need:

So, use TermsFeed to simplify your life and save time on legal framework development in favor of the content preparation.

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