05 March 2015

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads: Free Ebook

What is Facebook for you? For some people that is a useful two of socialization with friends, for other, that is a way to express views, feelings, and create a channel of communication for likely minded individuals. There are people, who use Facebook as source of news and information, or for local events schedule. And there are people, who actively use Facebook for marketing purposes.

The marketing studies confirm the fact that Facebook ads are quickly becoming the go-to online advertising avenue for business. If you have plan to invest in Facebook platform ads, review Complete Guide to Facebook – ebook, compiled by James Scherer - to help you get the best ROI possible, generate new leads and customers, and maximize the potential of your Facebook ads.

What you will learn from this comprehensive guide:
* How to target your ad to maximize involvement and conversions
* Optimizing your ad image for engagement
* Integrating your Facebook Ad with your landing page
* How to A/B Split test your Facebook Ad
* How to combat Facebook Ad fatigue

* Avoiding the nine Facebook Ads mistakes that are hurting your Click-through-Rate

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