12 September 2015

SEO Camel – Free SEO Analysis for your Website or Blog

SEO Camel makes a complete analysis of the search engine optimization on your, or on your competitors, websites.

Here are just a few of the key features that make the service offerings very attractive, especially given that the services are free, and no registration is required to enjoy the benefits:
* Camel Score: SEO camel has a system that gives you an overall SEO score for any website, which is a good first indication.
* Keyword analysis: A deep analysis of the keywords on your website, and how well website is optimized for certain keywords.
* Long tail. Most SEO tools do an analysis of your root domain. SEO camel creates reports for your subpages as well.
* Link juice check. Analysis of the links on your website.


  1. Works beutifully! A great addition to the SEO toobox.

  2. I am regular reader of your blog and no doubt it all stuff is awesome. The best thing about your sharing and posting is that you always provide content that is helpful for both the newbie and experts. Looking for more stuff and tutorials.

    Love from Tech Solutions Desk



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