31 July 2008

Improve your PageRank by optimizing internal links

PageRank is widely considered as important factor for your blog or webpage to improve its position in the Search Engines results. It is calculated according to the number of external links which point to your pages, but also according to the internal links, could be identified on your site.

LinkSpirit is open source freeware, specialized in managing and optimization of internal links.

It will help you to:
  • Calculate and optimize the internal distribution of your PageRank.
  • Calculate PageRank lost by the bad exploitation of your internal links.
  • Check your internal links, detect the dead links and perform manual or auto-correction of these links.
  • Identify the orphan pages and of pages hidden by the "robots" instruction or by the robots.txt file.
  • Identify the file names not respecting HTML standards (because of accents or spaces) and fix these names.
  • Find out the links using the wrong character ’ instead of / and perform autocorrection of these links.
  • Check the syntax of your "robots.txt" file, create or edit this file using an assistant.
  • Edit the code of your pages in text mode.
  • Edit the "robots" meta tag.
Developers’ website: http://www.rankspirit.com/downloadprceng.php

Direct link for software downloading: http://www.ziddu.com/download/1811084/link_spirit.zip.html

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