08 September 2008

AdSense Ads Management Plugin for WordPress Blogs

If you are using Wordpress, and you care for effective blog monetization with Google AdSense, this plugin must be for you. The plugin Adsense Injection will help you setup AdSense on your Wordpress with no complications.

It only adds your AdSense code into the body of your Wordpress blog and not into the side panels or the footer or the banner area. And you do not have to change any AdSense code or play with files.

This Google AdSense plugin is so easy to use. Say, you are able to edit the template of your blog and you edit the header file and the left sidebar file to include your AdSense Code in there, you then only have to set the limit of the ads that the AdSense Injection script shows in the body of your blog to a maximum of 1. That will automatically hide your AdSense Ads from yourself to avoid accidental clicks, as you choose that in the settings.

You can also change the way the AdSense ads display in your blog posting area and you can change the type of AdSense blocks that are displayed with just one click. Since the AdSense Injection Plugin will show different types of AdSense blocks at random if you choose more than one type of ad, your visitors will not always see the same Ad blocks and this will lead to an increase in your AdSense earnings.

Download plugin: http://www.ziddu.com/download/2111387/adsense-injection-20.zip.html

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