16 March 2009

Free E-cards System Embedded in your Blog

Competition for the readers’ hearts and minds in the world of blogging is quite severe. Every blog owner asks himself multiple questions on how he can differentiate his site from other and gain competitive advantage over the rivals. There is no single way to become a winner, each one choose the trail that fit the site owner personality, expertise, site character and content.

KangarooCards free services might be a great assistance for some sites to provide additional incentives to their visitors.

At KangarooCards it is possible to add a free e-card design and delivery system to any website. You need to set up your own e-card account at KangarooCards.net, install the provided unique scrip, and your visitors will be able to send e-cards from your website all around the world. Because it is fully customizable you can integrate it perfectly into your website.

Main Features:

  • Good integration into your website.
  • Add your own e-cards.
  • Add cards from our public e-card database (25000 e-cards).
  • Services are free of charge. You can use this system on your own website and send as many cards as you like to as many people as you want without any costs at all.
See an example of the KangarooCards system use - make your own sample card.
I created the card through this guest link - click to enlarge:

Developers website: http://www.kangaroocards.net/

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