06 April 2009

Using Favicon for your Blog or Website (Part 3)

Using Favicons on Blogger Blog

Favicons activation for the blogger using Blogger platform is easy as well. However, the old method of getting a custom Favicon to display in a Blogger blog no longer works, as of October 2008. If you had your Favicons before that, and they suddenly disappeared, you will just have to reinsert the code in a different area of your Blogger template. If you never had them before, the following instructions will work for you.

The process will take two simple steps, taking that you already found or created your Favicon (review earlier publication).

Step 1: Upload your Favicon file to the Host

Any free images hosting will work for you, if it answers two major questions: reliability and support for ICO format. The easiest way for the Blogger users is taking advantage of the Google Page Creator. You just need to copy the ICO file to a host server so you can link to it.

Go to Google Page Creator and login using your Google account details (use the same details you use for Blogger login). The first time you login to Page Creator you will be given the option of creating a site based on your Gmail address. You might not worry about the look of your new website, as for now you are using it just for your Favicon icons secure storage. When icon has been uploaded, record its web address, as you will need it at the step 2.

Step 2: Add the Favicon HTML to your Blogger site

Go into the Blogger Layout Editor and choose the "Edit HTML" option. As always, before doing any modifications to your template, make sure to save a backup copy to a secure location at your hard drive.

Insert the following code between the]]></b:skin>and </head> tags in your Blogger template:

<link href=’http://YOUR_GMAIL_ADDRESS.googlepages.com/YOUR_ICO_FILENAME.ico’ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/x-icon’/>

Don’t forget to change the URL so it points to the .ico file on your Google Page Creator site (code elements highlighted in red font). Now save your template and view your blog. If your new Favicon doesn’t show up straight away you may need to clear your browser cache.

Note, that the Favicons might not be visible on some browsers. For example, browser I use most often, Maxthon (IE-driver based), did not show them right away. While other browsers, I tried, showed them instantly: Firefox, Chrome, and Flock. Yes, if you use Internet Explorer, the Favicon will not appear unless you have bookmarked your blog and refreshed your browser.

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