26 August 2009

Bum Marketing is not only for Bums!

For some reason, I never stumbled upon Bum Marketing concept before. Actually, many people use it without identifying this approach as a standard Bum Marketing strategy.

What is Bum Marketing?

BUM Marketing is a technique where you can legitimately earn an online income from the commissions of affiliate products, sales of your own products, AdSense ads and so on. The major advantage is that you can do it without the need to own a website. It does require a fair amount of work though, just like any Internet Marketing endeavor.

Bum Marketing is the mastermind of Travis Sago with the name chosen by his wife. Why using bum?
My wife (Jeannie) named this the “Bum Marketing Method” because she thinks it is so easy that I could take a bum off the street…take him to the public library…and have him earning cash within a week.

How Bum Marketing Work?

In a flash, it works like this:
  • Find a niche that isn’t overly crowded but is marketable or find a hungry market that is looking to buy something.
  • Find an affiliate program that offers products within the niche/market, which pays a decent commission.
  • Brainstorm keywords for each product you are going to promote.
  • Research the themes/topics for each of the chosen keywords.
  • Create articles about the products you are trying to promote and use keywords or keyword phrases within those articles. The articles should contain at no more and no less than 350-500 words.
  • Then you submit your articles to popular article directors such as USFreeAds, EzineArticles.com, or Squidoo so they get picked up by Google and the other major search engines.
  • Begin to reap the results after some time.
Note that for significant returns, you will need to create a massive amount of articles for every keyword from the products that you want to promote. It is tiring and not too exciting work, so be prepared to that.
It is kind of ‘firing thousands of arrows to hit a single prey’ type of marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Bum Marketing

  • No cost (or extremely low costs) to execute the strategy and stay on the track.
  • No need to understand the topics of promotion or any special skills to succeed.
  • It’s extremely low risk – all you have to loose is time.
  • No need to have a Website, or Blog, or even an email list.
  • No need to create or develop your own product.
  • Since you submit your articles to the well ranked sites, you can start to get the positive returns as fast as after one week.
Negative Side of Bum Marketing

  • You will need to write a lot of articles a day.
  • It pushes writer to think in a non-creative ways to produce an article (combining other articles, modifying, etc without touching own idea).
  • Bum marketer doesn’t communicate as well as real blogger.
  • Bum Marketing is a solo play.
  • Write article with focus to earn money without caring the fact of the product because they need to write quick and earn quick.
  • Always rush content out without checking the quality.
Bum Marketing Recommendations

The whole point of Bum Marketing is not to get your articles clicked on from people searching the article directories. BUM Marketing is really about getting as many articles of decent quality ranking highly in the search engines in order to get traffic to your affiliate links, sales pages, AdSense pages, opt-in pages and so on. The main goal is to get your articles into the top 10 Google results – meaning on Google’s first page. The more people that read your articles, the more likely they will click on your affiliate links contained within your article and resource box.

A key to being successful is looking at the priorities of a successful BUM Marketing campaign:
1. Articles and more articles. The more articles that you are able to write and get in the directories, the higher your ranking in the search engines will be.
2. Try to find a niche that is interesting to you. Writing articles is a whole lot easier if you are interested in your subject.
3. Submit articles to the major article directories every day. Don’t let up on this. This is one of the best Bum Marketing tips you will receive. Consistency is the key to get a high ranking in the search engines, which in turn means a high income.
4. Use Yahoo Answers for keyword research. Type in your keywords and see if people are asking questions that contain those keywords. If so, then start writing articles around those keywords.
5. Build a blog around your niche. This is one of the most critical Bum Marketing tips. Most article directories do not allow affiliate links, so you need a site to link to. A blog will give you a site link without the expense and time of building a website for each product you are promoting.
6. Jump on the social network by using Squidoo. The search engines are starting to love Squidoo, so build a lens around your niche.
7. Target phrases that have between 1,000 and 10,000 optimized results on Google. The lower the results, the better chance you have of getting on page one of Google quickly.
8. Forget all the complicated SEO tricks. Another very important tip in a long list of Bum Marketing tips is to make sure your keyword phrase is always included in your title. Then place it a few times throughout the article as I’ve done here. Keyword = “Bum Marketing Tips”
9. Write articles that contain tips and how to information. People love tips and lists so write articles that have a list of tips included in them.
10. Another great Bum Marketing tip is to write a FAQ article. Visit Yahoo Answers or forums and find the most frequently asked questions concerning your niche. Then write a FAQ article around these questions.
11. Here’s another great Bum Marketing tips that most people don’t think about. Use a pen name when submitting your articles. This does two things. First of all, unless you are a natural born writer, your first articles may not be that great. A pen name will keep you from being embarrassed about the quality of your articles. Secondly, once you get well known in the Internet marketing circles, using a pen name will keep your competition from searching out your niche markets.
12. One of the most important tips of all. Be persistent. If you really want to make a decent living online it is going to take some hard work and persistence.

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