25 March 2010

“Top Commentators Plugin” Approach for getting backlinks

Getting Backlinks

The method, proposed by Smartbloggerz, we are going to present today is related to the process of building massive backlinks by leaving keyword centric comments on blogs having Top Commentators widget in their sidebar.

Even the comment section might not have a dofollow attribute, most of the blogs having Top Commentators widget give you dofollow backlinks.

Now just imagine if you are a Top Commentator of a blog having thousands of articles indexed in search engines. You would definitely see a great increase in your search rankings.

If you decide to be amongst the Top Commentators of big blogs like JohnChow, here is what the results could be:

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Now let’s see how many indexed pages, JohnChow have on Google:

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As you can easily see the huge amount of indexed pages of JohnChow and most of them have the Top Commentators widget which will bring you massive backlinks. Imagine if you just get yourself on Top Commentators list of such 3-4 blogs. Did you imagine that?

List of the Blogs using Top Commentators Plugin

I did plan to create a list for you, but there were others how did the already. So, I can offer you several links to the collection of these blogs:

Installing Top Commentators Plugin to your Blog
If you plan to host yourself the Top Commentators Plugin on your blog to attract more traffic and new readers and commenters, you can do that easily. Find instructions on how to install the plugin on your Blogger blog here or here, and on your WordPress blog - here.

Plugin Usefulness for New Blogs

Some of the experts do not consider the plugin to be useful for freshly created blogs. Chidimar reports his observations that Top Commentator has been heavily abused in new Blogs. People from the Comment Spammers and Link Building Spammers via Comments categories come on New, Fresh and Empty Blogs only on Month startups to grab the top positions in Top Commentators Widget. They come often first week to stay on top and see if they have their place. And then they just vanish till the new month starts. It’s because they know this Blog is fresh, new, has small visitors base and exposure, and no one will come to challenge the top position in the widget, leaving a spammer on top.

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