18 July 2010

Discover income potential for your blog with AdGenta

AdGenta is an easy and powerful way for you to unlock the revenue potential of your website or blog. It offers you an opportunity to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture – in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed. Because you choose the keywords for your post, you are in a better control of the ad your website visitors see – it is no longer bound to the content, but to your knowledge of your readers and what you are writing.

AdGenta is a powerful way for you to monetize your content – you are free to choose when and where your ads are placed, what they look like, and what ad is displayed. You can use them as little or as much as you want.

What is AdGenta?

AdGenta is an advertising network that frees writers from traditional constraints in advertising. It delivers relevant advertising, based on user defined keywords, as image based text ads that can then be used on websites, in blog posts, and in RSS feeds.

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Signing up is easy 
  1. Fill out the form here
  2. You get a confirmation email, than just follow instructions to confirm your email address address.
  3. Start placing ads!
Customize AdGenta

You can customize the appearance of your ads, choosing from a wide range of colors, sizes, and formats. The default ad performs highly on all blog types, but you are in full control to customize your ads.

Choose when & where
AdGenta is not a program you turn on or off for your entire site. AdGenta lets you insert keyword-driven advertisements when and where you want. You can choose to put it in all your posts, or only a few. Each time you insert an ad, you have the option to change how it looks.

You can place the ads anywhere you like in your post, allowing you to decide how things look. The ads are totally flexible because they are images.

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Comparing Keyword vs. Contextual Advertising

Keyword advertising focuses on the human brain - what a person really thinks about what they've written, and how they think readers will interact with that. Many bloggers will describe their posts in specific terms, often using the same words to tag a post, but some bloggers choose complimentary words - those words that may appeal to the readers, even if not specifically mentioned in the post.

Advertising options

  • Aside from keyword vs. contextual, you have the option as well of image/banner vs. text ads. Each has shown to be effective in certain situations, but text ads perform overall far better
  • Text ads have the advantage of looking like content, and seamlessly integrating with it.
  • Ads placed close to, or within, content perform better
  • Ads that can be formatted to alter size, color, etc to customize to blog features will outperform those that cannot
  • Putting ads in blogs can be post- or blog-centric
Post-centric vs. blog-centric or feed-centric advertising

  • Advertising on blogs can be focused on the blog itself, the feed, or on the post.
  • Blog-centric advertising treats the blog as the main element for revenue. The concept behind this is to capture people who physically go to the website to see the ads. This usually requires placing the ad code into the blog template, and knowledge of HTML at minimum.
  • Feed-centric advertising is designed to attract people to ads in RSS feeds. These ads are not visible on the blog/website, and are only visible through RSS readers to the blog subscribers.
  • Post-centric advertising is focused on a combination approach that will captivate attention from people at the site, as well as subscribers to the RSS feed. Ads are placed within the blog posts individually, and these ads will flow through to the RSS feed where they can also be seen.

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