14 December 2010

3 Laws of Blogging

I am blogging for 3 years. Is that a lot? Yes and no.

Did I reach the goals I setup for myself in 2007? Yes and no.

But no matter, if my financial expectations were real or not, I am not leaving. Because, I like blogging. I do not expect immediate results anymore, I set the realistic expectations, and I enjoy every bit of success.

And what about you?

I found the article on VA4buisness useful for those, who started blogging, but are not happy with their results. Presenting below…

Many people start blogging with a big hope, but a lot of them fail to convert that hope into real excitement. And a lot many say quit, just after a couple of months of blogging. I have personally witness the sad exist of many talented blogger. They would have done better, if they had persisted and factored in the elements I am going to talk in this article.

I personally do not like the idea of quitting, and seeing countless many people failing, I decided to pen down 3 laws of blogging which should never be broken or overlooked — come what may. These laws are there since always and they have been talked about many times, but still people are not applying them. I hope this article will help them put things in order.

Clean design

Design is the first thing anyone notices on your website, and when I said anyone I meant search engine spiders as well. Yes, they too care about the design and how well your website is laid out. Still many people do not seem to care about this, and they end up choosing a poorly laid theme for their blogs.

A poorly laid theme could be of two kinds: one that looks sleek to human, but the codes are not well written, such themes appears messy to search bots, and the another type could be the one that appears messy and cluttered to human as well.

You should choose a theme that looks clutter free, and whose code is optimized for search bots. Any blogging theme that comes from a reliable designer meets these criteria. Themes created by armatures do fail to meet either of the two criteria I talked about above.

Creative content

Although the design of a blog is what people notice at first, it is not “the thing” for which they come to your blog, with a possible exception of blogs that are known for their WOW (read creative) design.

Content of a blog is more important than the design, and it should always be top quality. Do not ever use syndicated content. I know, upon reading this, a lot many eye brows must be raised, but this will not change the fact that they are not “top quality” content. Search engine may not penalize the use of syndicated content, but human does. No one likes to waste time reading crappy article, which is available everywhere else.

You should stay clear of duplicate content as well because even search engines do not like this. I must add here that syndicated content is classified as duplicate content by search engine or not is a debated issue, and the winner of the debate is yet to be decided.

Do not use any PLR content or spun articles on your blog. This will not only push your visitors away, but it will also push the search engines to raise red flag, which may lead to banishment from the search world. And no website or blog would like to be “search untouchable”.

Constant promotion

Promotion is akin to going on rooftop with a loudspeaker in your hand and shouting at top of your voice. This may sound heinous — blame it on the description of promotion I gave above — but we need to do that only. You may not want to do that in your neighborhood, but up here on the Internet, you do not have any other option. If you do not do that, no one will know about your blog.

The Internet is an overly crowded world, and it is getting even more crowded after every passing second. Just being different or even the best will not cut it for you here. You will have to outspoken about the services you offer.

Do not shy away from promotion. This is the only marketing tool we have to inform our visitors about the work we do. Talking about you and your work is not a shameful activity. Be as enthusiastic about promotion as you can be.

Do not break any law

The laws of blogging that I have talked about above are not like traffic laws in your city, which by design is stupid and senseless. These laws have their foot in reality and consumer psyche. Breaking any of the above given three unbreakable laws of blogging will put your blog at risk.

My comment

So, what am I doing? Why I am intentionally breaking one of the unbreakable laws and posting non-original content? It might look illogical in content that I absolutely agree with author that duplicate content is not well-accepted by search engines? Simply say – because I respect the reader and if I find the content and explanation useful, there is no point to re-write it just to please crawlers. How reasonable that is? I deem that a reasonable approach, but admit that it can be questionable.

And what is your opinion? 

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