20 March 2011

5 Free Mobile Apps for your Taxes Visibility

This post is not about blogging. Since the due date of the tax form submission is coming close, I would like to share with you several free taxes related applications for smartphones, which will help you with this process. Hopefully, your blog monetization was successful last year, and your extra (or full time) income came as valuable addition to your home budget.

  1. The IRS's App
IRS announced its first of a kind app called IRS2Go which allows taxpayers to find basic tax information and track the status of their refunds. The app is available on iTunes and in Android Market. Take note that you are required to enter your SSN in order to check your status.

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IRS indicates that if you e-file your tax return and are owe a refund, you will be able to check your refund status via the app after 72 hours. If you mailed your tax return, it may take 3-4 weeks.

  1. Federal Tax Estimator 2010

This app by Nate Ram has been reviewed on the CBS Tech Talk show. The app lets users estimate their federal tax liability. It supports all filing status options, allows for multiple W-2 forms, tracks dependents and unemployment benefits, storing all data on your mobile phone. Available for Android and iPhone.

  1. Tax Reference 2010

This Chesnut designed application provides you with a wealth of tax information at your fingertips including corporate tax rates, retirement contribution limits, depreciation, business deductions, personal tax rates, itemized deductions, estate and gift taxes and lots of other useful financial data and so much more. Definitely a great app to use for tax planning all year round, and it is available for Android and iPad (iPhone).

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  1. iTaxMama

Created by Tax Anxiety Inc., this app helps keep your tax due dates organized by providing an easy to use tax planning calendar. It includes reminders for quarterly tax payments, tax filing deadlines, and has been fully updated for this tax season.

  1. Pageonce

H&R Block and Pageonce have announced that you can track the status of your tax refund from your BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. To facilitate this, H&R Block’s Tax Center is integrated into the Pageonce mobile app and provides DIY filers with timely updates of the status of their tax return, and more importantly, their federal and state tax refunds. Users simply enter their H&R Block At Home username and password in the Pageonce mobile app, and their information is automatically populated into the Tax Center. Taxpayers can instantly see when their refund will arrive.

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To learn more about the service, head over to the Pageonce site.

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