11 April 2011

32 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense program has changed the World of online advertising forever. It is a bigger player on the market, and if you just start making your way to online income making strategy, you should consider AdSense first. However, it is not the only player on the market. There are still reasons to monitor alternative ads revenue generation solutions, which are not affiliated with AdSense.

Some webmasters were banned from AdSense for cause or without cause. If potential income, you can generate for Google, is relatively small, you have very little chances to get fair investigation anyway.

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Other Webmasters simply do not wish to do any business with Google for personal considerations. And, finally, there are many programs, which can be used on your pages in parallel with Google AdSense. For example, I use personally Infolinks together with AdSense. Having multiple advertising providers do not violate rules, so you just get some kind of extra income with zero extra efforts.

No matter what your reasoning is, there are still many valid alternatives to Google AdSense. The following Rating List from RateItAll will review 32 Google AdSense Competitors on the market with brief description, rating, and direct links:



Update 03-06-2012:

The total number of the proposed Google AdSense alternatives has reached 50. Feel free to add your personal experience and rating to the services you have tried.

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