20 June 2011

Evaluate your Blog with Blog Grader

Do you know, how good your blog is? May be you sure it is good, but your traffic is not reflecting the fact. What are you doing wrong? If you need professional feedback you turn to the professionals. If you need just fast and free overview to get some side view and fresh ideas, online free grader, offered by HubSpot.

The fast test, which does not require registration or login (you need to enter email address, but that can be any address), will bring you some sort of feedback on your blog structure and elements. You do understand that your content or design will not be evaluated by this service.

So, input your blog address and wait about a minute for the results generation. What you will see once the analysis has been completed includes an embeddable “Blog Grade” badge, a very large “Tweet” button and an analysis breakdown of (5) main categories:  Grade SummaryBlog SubscribabilityArticle EngagementSearch Engine Findability and Blog Content.

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You may like what you see, you may not like what you see. But read carefully enclosed recommendations for the length of your titles, posts, presence of links and images. That is actually the most useful part, because it might show you some hidden flaws you never thought about before. You may also like the section for your posts analysis, where you can see the popularity of each of your latest post at Twitter and Facebook.

Do not get upset by the results. That is just one of many, and very specific, view on your virtual home. Use the provided advice to tweak your writing style and post characteristics for better performance results.

Access Blog Grader at http://www.bloggrader.com/

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