27 July 2011

Free analysis for your blog at SEOprofiler

There are different approaches blogger may have towards their blogging activities. Some consider content as the most important, and the only important, part of your activity as bloggers, putting next to zero attention on search engine optimization, links promotion, keywords, and everything else, which is requires extra time and efforts. Other bloggers strictly follow the rules of SEO, and investigate the possible implication for the blog popularity, and write the content solely based on the popular keywords and known guidelines. Most of the bloggers see themselves somewhere between these extreme approaches.

So, if you are content blogger (as I am), you may want once a while check your site for backlinks, ratings, and Google PageRank, for example, to see where you are from SEO perspectives, and how you can improve the blog popularity without shifting your attention from the content itself.

There are multiple services, and some are free, to help you with the task. Today, we would like to present the SEOprofiler offerings for bloggers. The process is fast and simple and does not require registration.

I have analyzed as example one of my blogs http://webfreebies4u.blogspot.com

The first tab, which will be opened by default, will show you the amount and list of the latest backlinks to your blog.

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Below, you can see most popular anchor texts in the links and the strongest pages.

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The second tab Rankings shows with which keywords your site and selected pages have high ranking in search engines. That will give you idea, where you can expect the traffic, and might give you directions on the further blog development.

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