10 November 2011

Free Online Wordpress Theme Generator

If you plan to start a new Wordpress blog, or you are going to refresh design for your existing blog, you may be looking for the nice template, which may fit your format, color scheme, design, and structure. No problem, if you have knowledge and experience on the web development, and you can make template for your blog exactly as you want. If you are not proficient on web design, or you have no time or interest in doing that yourself, there are multiple readymade templates on the Web, both free and commercial. But any template you find has limited set of the adjustments and changes you can make, so it is quite possible that your blog appearance will look similar to thousands other blogs, using the same template.

In this post, I would like to present free online services from Lubith.com, offering Wordpress themes creator.

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Main Features

  • Intuitive interface. Move and resize the theme elements just by dragging the two knobs.
  • No code required. You can design, edit and use your theme without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Every theme is being kept on server for 7 days after your last save and then it will be erased. So, you can get back and make adjustments to the theme you have initially generated.
  • You cannot work on several themes in parallel. If you reset the theme, the previous layout will be lost.

Installing your Theme in WordPress

  • From WordPress admin panel, go to the Appearance ->Themes.
  • Click the Install Themes tab (at the top).
  • Click the Upload link.
  • Browse for the zip file downloaded from Lubith and click Install Now button.
  • Click the Activate theme link to activate the theme.

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