06 March 2012

Marketing Grader from HubSpot - Measure and Analyze your Marketing Efforts

If you are not a complete newbie in blogosphere, you are familiar more or less with one of the best blogging communities HubSpot. One of the useful free features of this community, anyone can enjoy was Website Grader. Since 2006 and up to the point of retirement in December 2011, HubSpot Website Grader, has graded more than 4 million websites. But it has not just disappeared as many other free online services. It was replaced by a new free tool from HubSpot - Marketing Grader. In less than 30 seconds, it is able to analyze all of your marketing -- not just your website -- reviewing over 30 different factors and then providing an overall Marketing Grade on a 1-100 scale.

Note that there is no need to be a member of the HubSpot community, there is no need to register or give your email to get benefits of the free report for your blog. The only mandatory field you naturally have to fill is your blog URL address.

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Marketing Grader performs instant review for your marketing efforts and let you know where you're succeeding and what you need to spend more time improving. Marketing Grader will help you understand:
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Is your marketing more or less effective than your competition?
  • Lead Generation: Are your marketing efforts generating enough leads and sales?
  • Mobile Marketing: Is your web presence optimized for mobile devices?
  • Social Media: How effectively are you using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in your marketing?
  • Blogging: Is your blog driving results that justify the time investment, or are you wasting time doing the wrong things?
  • Overall Analysis: What are the strong points and shortcomings in your marketing?

May be, not all your recommendations will be those you will hurry to follow up. But, you can definitely get some fresh insight and some useful tips on what can you do better than you are doing today. Here is example of the first page analysis, I got for this blog:

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How do you know, if the results are better than average? HubSpot posted some averages in their blog to give you some idea of reference numbers:
1) Did you grade your marketing yet? Over 140,000 companies have.
2) What's your marketing grade? The average grade is 45. Are you better than that?
3) Are you measuring your website? Only 69 percent of marketers are.
4) Do you have a landing page with a conversion form on your site? 49 percent of marketers do.
5) Do you have an Apple icon on your website? Only 7 percent of marketers do.
 6) Does your website have an RSS feed? Only 43 percent of marketers' websites do.
7) Do you have a blog? Only 14 percent of companies have.  
8) Are you rocking a Facebook business page? 56 percent of marketers are.
9) How many Facebook business page fans do you have? The average marketer has 203.
10) Is your homepage shared on Twitter? 34 percent of homepages have been shared.
11) How many times has your homepage been shared on Twitter? The median # of shares is 7.
12) How many inbound links does your site have? The average site has 9,271.
13) How many indexed pages does your site have? The median # of pages is 183.
14) Is your website mobile friendly? 14 percent of sites have a meta viewport tag to help mobile viewers.
15) Do you have a mobile version of your website? 42 percent of websites do.

Perform your test now. It is free, it is fast, and it is useful!

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