14 November 2012

Article Rewriter from Small SEO Tools

Bloggers know that any duplicate content is not welcome by Search Engines. Google algorithms severely punish the sites, where such content appears. The best approach would be definitely writing your own unique posts. However, for publishers, dealing with multiple blogs, that might not be a realistic option.

You can take an original article and re-right it, expression the idea n your own words. That might be easier than put your own ideas and facts, but still that requires substantial amount of time and good language skills.

There is however a solution for those who bring foreign posts and use one of the available on the market Articles Rewriters to modify the post the way that it will be not recognized by Search Engine as duplicate, but will be still properly readable by your visitors. You do respect your visitors, and you do not want that you post will look like automatic translation from Swahili through Google Translate.

Today, we will present one of such tools from Small SEO Tools Website. You copy the post and insert in the window. The online tool will process thorough scan through your content for words which will get replaced with a valid replacements. All words that are replaced with alternatives will be properly highlighted to give you an opportunity to see them right away and to make appropriate changes for better readability. So, you will be able to click on highlighted synonyms to return them to the original words or replace with better fitting alternatives.

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Developers added over 500,000 synonyms in the program vocabulary to boost the value of this articles spinner, with the aim of supplying the best words or phrases for the authors, helping to keep the healthy differences with the original text, passing successfully the plagiarism checker.

Here are some tips on how to use this tool effectively while not taking risks for negative implications from SEO algorithms:

  • Start with a high quality article. This implies a novel topic or viewpoint on a really specific subject. The posted information should be really valuable to your blog readers. If your source article quality is low, it is unreasonable to expect that after using article rewriter you will get an excellent content.  
  • Read through the modified post as a potential reader, and be sure to alter the words and expressions, which do not make sense, or complicate the understanding the material. If you don’t feel it reads well, click Rewrite once more for a brand new version. If none of the alternate words match, attempt to modify the initial word in order to trigger any new suggestions.
  • If you want to be extra-careful, you may run the final draft of the post through the Plagiarism Checker Tool just to verify it is good enough to pass the plagiarism assessments employed by search engines, before you publish on the online.
  • It is highly not recommended to overuse this tool by performing multiple modifications of the same article for your different blogs. It may be penalized by Search Engines and it does not add any perceived value to your visitors.

This post was written with the help of Article Rewriter, and then tested with Plagiarism tester. The results were quite encouraging.

The tool is free and does not require registration or sign-in.


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