18 December 2013

IM9 - Free Images Hosting for Bloggers

Im9.eu – new reliable service, offering images hosting for free with very few restrictions, which is quite rare. You can also look for the loaded images to find illustrations for your blog posts.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Main Features:

* Images size up to 9MB is allowed.
* Hotlinking is allowed.
* You may create albums for images storage.
* Tagging loaded images.
* Ability to remove unneeded images.
* No limits on transfer.
* Lifelong image hosting.
* No limits on upload.
* Open API access.
* Anonymity & Safety. Registration is not needed. By creating new album you actually create a new account, for which a new password is assigned. So, the service combines anonymous uploading and ability to manage your pictures effectively at the same time with no expiration time on storage.
* Pornography is allowed, but it cannot involve animals or children.
* Spam, harassment, and hate propaganda are forbidden.
* Ability to search images by colors.
* Fast and reliable operations on GNU/Linux servers.

Website: http://im9.eu/

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