12 June 2014

Barc - Chat with Everyone on Any Website

Name of Barc – Browser Assisted Relay Chat – tells a story. The service offers to provide a chatroom to any internet website.

The goal of Barc is simple: to bring like-minded people together. By leveraging every webpage on the internet - and giving people and websites tools to interact, share and discuss with one another.

Free account includes the following features:
* Streaming webcam
* Pictures & video
* Polls
* Private messaging
* Emoticons
* Email alerts
* Replying
* Language translation
* Leaderboard
* Hashtags
* Spam protection
* Word filter
* Bitcoin integration

Premium features can be unlocked for $5/month:
* Ban users
* Delete comments
* Wipe the chat
* Multiple moderators
* Hide the global chat
* Disable guests
* Disable multimedia
* Custom interface

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