25 July 2014

Keyword Bee - Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Bee is the new free keyword research tool that giving you the perfect opportunity to discover the most appropriate lucrative keywords for your projects, websites, and posts.

Using the free tool Keyword Bee you will be able to:
* Find related keywords that people actually search for!
* Analyze interesting keywords intensively!
* Be able to rank high for the right keywords!

Main Features:

* All-in-One View. See the most relevant information about each keyword in one single color-coded line. Tons of values per keyword are provided, such as search volume information, competition, and cpc.

* Top 5/10 Analysis. For each analyzed keyword you can see an in-depth analysis of the Top 10 pages on Google for that keyword. This information will help you decide whether to rank for the keyword or whether the competition is too strong. The PRO version allows you to analyze the Top 10, the free version will analyze the Top 5 only.

* Find Related Keywords. You don't have to come up with the best niche keywords by yourself, Keyword Bee will go out there and gather the sweetest keywords for you.

* Proxy Rotation Support. The data is gathered live from many sources. If you need to analyze many keywords at once, you can use proxies for faster retrieval. Check out this list of proxy services. This features is only available in the PRO version of Keyword Bee.

* Keyword Grouping. If you need to run analyses on many different keyword groups, you can keep track of them by assigning each keyword to a group.

* Keyword Filtering. After analyzing hundreds of keywords you will have a hard time to see what's going on. Use your custom filters to see only keywords that are likely to generate revenue for you.

* API Access. Keyword Bee gathers the latest information from paid APIs. The information from APIs is more precise and up-to-date. Since we have to pay API providers, this feature is only available in the PRO version.

* Export. If you already have a workflow and use Excel or other spreadsheet editors, you can simply export the data from Keyword Bee and import that into your own workflow tools.

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