16 September 2014

7 Useful Facebook Tips and Tricks

1. Want to check how much Facebook knows about you?
Go to the Facebook Account Settings page, under the General tab, near the bottom is a link to "Download a copy of your Facebook data". The archive includes almost everything from photos to your chat history.

2. Not seeing enough posts from friends you care about—and too many from those you don’t?
Set your news feed to sort by Most Recent, rather than Top News. Then add your favorite people to your Close Friends list and unsubscribe from any friends whose updates you’re not interesting in receiving.

3. Do you really want to make sure your friends see your important news (you’re having a garage sale, for example)?
You can pay a fee, around $7 to $10 a post, to move your update to the top of their news feeds.

4. How to connect to multiple Facebook accounts?
You probably noticed that you can’t login to more than one account on Facebook. However, if you use Chrome, there is a built-in profile feature that allows you to create a new user profile on your browser.
* Click on the Navicon on the top right of your Chrome browser. Go to Settings.
* Go to Users, and click on Add new user.
* Choose your Profile Picture and give a name for that user.
* Click on Create and a new Window will be opened.
* You can now login to your Facebook account as per user profile and easily switch between users at the top right corner.
This feature is available on Firefox as well.

5. How turn off Facebook notification sounds?
Facebook notifications come with sounds and in some cases you wish you could turn it off. Head over to Facebook Account Settings > go to Notifications tab. At the top, untick "Play a sound when each new notification is received" and Save Changes.

6. How to schedule Facebook post for delayed publishing?
Use Facebook’s scheduling tool and set a publishing time for your posts. Click on the clock icon in the status line field and take it from there.

7. How to check if you have some hidden Facebook messages?
Not many people know that Facebook messages get split into two folders: Messages and Other. If you haven’t looked into the Other folder before, you probably missed some messages you didn’t want to miss.

Some additional tricks presentation in the video clips:

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