18 October 2014

How to test your Website Appearance in Different Browsers?

BrowserShots services allow you to test how your site looks in an impressive array of browsers (and various versions of each browser). Processing time can take a while, so it’s probably best to concentrate on only on one or two browsers at a time. Plug in your URL and eventually you get a series of screenshots of the page.

The screenshots appear only after the request is properly processed. For the 5 browsers request the estimate of the response time is 5 to 48 minutes on my computer, depending on the selected browser.

You may get a month of priority processing for 29.95 Dollars or 22.95 Euros, if this service offering what you need to evaluate your site appearance in different browsers.

Here is a first screenshot, how this page would look on the SeaMonkey browser. Doesn't look good due to the poor integration with Infolinks, don’t you think?

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