02 March 2016

Svbtle - a blogging platform designed to help you think

SVBTLE is a writing and reading network designed from the ground up to work the same way your brain does. It helps you curate ideas and includes everything you need to develop and publish your thoughts to the world.

Svbtle’s dashboard is designed to work the same way your brain works. It encourages you to dump ideas, links, and thoughts into a flow of draft posts, and then makes it easy to slowly sculpt those ideas into publishable articles. It just feels natural.

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Main Features

* An innovative dashboard
The Dashboard on Svbtle is designed to help you curate ideas, slowly develop them, and then publish them to the world.

* A blog forever
Svbtle comes with a promise that your published content will remain online forever.

* The cleanest writing experience
The Svbtle editor is designed to help you write—there are no distractions, and you can format your posts using Markdown, which is easy to learn and easy to write.

* The best reading experience
Svbtle is fast, simple, and beautiful. It is designed to showcase your writing in the best way possible, with the fewest distractions to your readers.

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